Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Housing Frustrations....Again

Went looking at a couple of houses tonight....they were both creepy and ghetto in their own special ways. This means that the house I was originally interested in is still my best bet when it comes to home ownership.

There are a couple of things that suck about this whole thing though. First, I like the house I am looking at but I don't LOVE it. I like it as a quaint little place I could live for a year or so and then rent out. I think the place would make an excellent rental property. The problem is that if I don't live in the house as my main residence for three years, I can't get that $8000 tax credit. Could I live there for a year, sure, past that it gets sketchy. Secondly, the place is really small. I have lived in small places before and this isn't a huge deal to me but if I am going to buy a house, I would like it to be a place that could hold a few people in the event of a party.

The downside to all of this is, until I know for sure that I have a teaching job, it is hard for me to legitimize getting a house that I would actually be cool with living in long term.

The next option is to stay in my parents' basement. This is smart because I save money here and I don't really have to pay anything. Man though, the social life is having a mean damper put on it because of this. Dating is...interesting. Having parties or people over is...odd. Dealing with the eccentricities of my parents and the dogs can be trying on the nerves.

That leaves me with one other option and that is renting. I hate this idea for numerous reasons. The house I would consider buying would have a mortgage payment about the same as a rent payment. I would have to commit to a lease for an apartment and it could very well be that I can get a house this summer or fall and then I would be stuck in the lease. The apartment I would end up in would probably be about the same size as that house too.

All I know is that the basement isn't working at the moment and each day gets a little more desperate. I need to get out of here. I need a place of my own. I need a better job. Man, why didn't I go into engineering like the rest of my friends? I just had to be a teacher. I am kidding about all of this...sort of.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

So Easter is here! Today looks to be a pretty good day, I think my fam is going on a picnic and that should rock because it is really sunny today.

School is starting to wind down and then I have two Summer school classes to finish my Special Ed certification. I just want school to be done at this point. I almost don't even care about grades...just want to finish.

Not a ton of stuff has been happening lately. Actually that isn't 100% accurate; this week I went on a date on Thursday and then over to someone's house for dinner on Wednesday. Friday and Saturday were spent with Jake and Heather. My ambition has been bottoming out a lot lately, think I am just drained from school.

Anywho, not a ton to say. Just wanted to update for some reason...not totally sure why I write here anymore. I think it is habit or just not wanting this blog to die.