Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

So Easter is here! Today looks to be a pretty good day, I think my fam is going on a picnic and that should rock because it is really sunny today.

School is starting to wind down and then I have two Summer school classes to finish my Special Ed certification. I just want school to be done at this point. I almost don't even care about grades...just want to finish.

Not a ton of stuff has been happening lately. Actually that isn't 100% accurate; this week I went on a date on Thursday and then over to someone's house for dinner on Wednesday. Friday and Saturday were spent with Jake and Heather. My ambition has been bottoming out a lot lately, think I am just drained from school.

Anywho, not a ton to say. Just wanted to update for some reason...not totally sure why I write here anymore. I think it is habit or just not wanting this blog to die.


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