Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Giving This A Jumpstart

Since my last post, I have been busy. And at Malia's suggestion, I may be starting this blog back up because she wants me to document our lives together. Oh yeah, we are getting married. (^_^)

I asked her on February 5th after she took me out for my birthday dinner. I figured she wouldn't expect getting asked that night and I would surprise her. I was right! She was speechless as we walked around downtown Boise. It was actually kind of funny because for the few weeks leading up to that night, marriage had been a hot topic. Malia worked a bridal show and so we talked about stuff related to that and then her mom, in a moment of infinite tact, asked us outright when we were getting married once night over dinner. I told her it would probably be a year or two and this didn't make her very happy. In reality, I had ordered Malia's ring a couple weeks earlier.

The wedding will be on June 25th in my parents' backyard. It will be pretty chill and fairly small. The honeymoon will start the following day but I can't say anything about that because I know Malia will read this and the honeymoon is a surprise I have concocted for her.

I think we are going to stay in my apartment for a little while rather than getting a house right off the bat. We want to save money and my rent is super cheap. I also doubt that the housing market is going to be turning around anytime soon so we are not in danger of paying significantly higher home prices if we wait. We figure that if we save now, it will help us out down the road and put us on more stable footing for the future.

So that is the big news.

Other stuff is going well too. I am sure I will keep my teaching position throughout next year and I may even be doing some Social Studies teaching this summer if stuff works out. I am still taking pictures and will be launching a professional photography site soon. I am working on the logo for it at the moment and expect to have it up by the end of the month or beginning of April. I need to get a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens badly. After that, the lenses I get will be toys but for portraits and some landscape stuff, I need that extra zoom the 70-200mm would provide.

I have been thinking a lot about Japan as of late. With that earthquake and its aftermath, Japan is everywhere 24/7 it seems. I feel very bad for the people there but I think the damage could have been much worse had it not been for their technology and preparation in the area of earthquakes and tsunamis. Everyone I know who lives over there is doing well from what I can gather and the area that I lived in has been largely unaffected by the disaster. Sometimes I miss Japan. I want to take Malia there someday and show her all of the crazy places that I explored.

Totally off-topic: Tyson, King of the Nerds, picked up an iPad2 on launch day. It rocks in pretty much every area imaginable. Except for the cameras....the cameras on that thing suck. I have been reading a lot on it since buying it and I am very happy with that aspect of the device. Reading books on that thing is a dream.

My family is doing well and my nephew, Broxton will be getting a sister soon! Her name will be Tinley and she is due about a month before my wedding. I am very excited to be getting a niece since there are not a ton of girls in my family. Very happy for Brody and Michaela and Brox.

It is weird to think that I am getting married again and that Broxton and Tinley may have cousins to play with at some point. Me with kids = very very weird. It's a good weird I think but still...odd.

Anywho, I am ending this now. I am typing this as I work with some of my students in a study lab that I run. They are all doing very well today! Time to get back to helping them out!


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