Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Holy Crap....701 Posts On Here

I know it has been forever and a day since I have put anything up here but as the title says, this is my 701st post. Go me!

To be truthful, Facebook is killing this blog. I don't get the time or the inspiration to write much on here anymore and Facebook serves my ambition much better, allowing me to write one sentence updates of how I am and what is going on.

So what the hell has been going on??

First and foremost, school. I found out on Friday that I will be able to complete all of my classes for my Special Ed certification this summer. What that means is as long as I pass the four tests I have to take (I need to get started on those) I should be certified to teach Special Ed by the end of the Summer. This means I should in theory, have a teaching job this Fall. If I can land a teaching job, this means I should be able to snag a house before October. If I can do that, then I get that kooky $8000 tax credit that Obama is handing out to home buyers. All of this falls into the timetable for the goals that I set for myself this year. I am excited and nervous all at the same time because one of the tests I need to take is a math test. I suck at math.

Other than school, I went to Oregon last weekend to visit my cousin and Dustin. While in Portland, I had a great time. On the way back home my clutch blew out and I had to be towed back to Portland for repairs. Two extra days and $700 later, my car ran like a dream once again and I was able to get back to Boise. Thanks to Dustin for tolerating me for two extra days.

A couple of weeks ago, I asked this one girl in a class I take to go out on a date with me. That simple question has spiraled down a rabbit hole that I had no idea was as deep as I am finding it out to be. The girl I asked out is semi-normal but her friends are FREAKS. Our date never ended up happened due to a couple of factors but I don't feel too bad about it. Reasons for my lack of caring:

A. The night I asked her out, we went to pizza with her friend Christina. I thought Christina was this goody goody Mormon girl. I have had a few classes with her and that is just the vibe she gives off. I was wrong. Christina is a sex fiend who uses this one dating website like her own personal catalog of men. After a few beers we started to talk about sex and I made the mistake of mentioning how long it has been since I have actually had sex...way too long. Both girls vowed to get me laid by the end of the month. Chistina made the off comment that her roommate would probably jump me just for fun. I thought she was being flippant. I was wrong.

B. After the night of pizza and drinking with the two girls and some of their friends, I agreed to go to a BBQ at Christina's house that Friday. Thursday came along and I got a text from Christina, inviting me to a game night at her house that night. I said sure and figured there would be quite a few people there. I was wrong again. It was Christina, here roommate, Kate, and me. Christina's roommate is a clinical nympho. Of this, I am absolutely positive. The entire time Kate would talk to me, she looked in my direction but was not actually looking at me. After a while of conversation, I confronted her about this because it was slightly unhinging. She then told me that she preferred not to look people in the eyes and liked looking at her own reflection in the window when possible. What. The. Hell. Over a game of Sorry, Kate started talking about these guys that she had slept with and while she was doing so, I was keeping a mental tally in my head. I had hit about five when she stopped and so in my mind, I figured she was talking about her lifetime batting average. I was wrong, she had slept with five different guys in the last week. On top of this, the weekend before I had met her, she decided she wanted to see what sex would be like with a guy in a wheelchair so she went to a bar, found a guy in a wheelchair, and proceeded to take him home. She said she would not do that again. Kate is messed up in ways beyond my previous scope of understanding. Kate scares me.

C. After Thursday night's game night of mild creepiness, I was barely looking forward to Friday's BBQ. But I had said I would go and I wasn't going to back out. I was also told that there would be more people at the BBQ. Christina was right about that, there were more people at the BBQ...and all of them were women. One of them was as old as my mom and was looking for a way to score some pot. WTF?! I left the BBQ early because Kate was making eye contact with me and signaling that I should stick around after the BBQ. I may be on a sexual drought that is on par with the Dust Bowl of the 1930s but I do not want an STD and the percentages for Kate having one are statistically pretty high. Which is a crying shame because Kate is pretty cute...and she does have a nice body...I do not want and STD...I do not want an STD...I do not want an STD.

Since the BBQ, Christina texts me all of the time. I am not sure why but whatever. I am trying to play it cool with this group of girls because I have to take classes with them and don't need things to get awkward. The upside is the girl I asked out was the least creepy of the bunch that I met. The downside is that all of the women I met are in Special Education to some extent. Special Ed teachers are freaks.


At 12:29 PM, Anonymous Joel Even said...

WTF u were in portland last week? I was in portland 21-24 of march but it sounds like u werent there at that time. HIt me up on fb son!



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