Sunday, February 22, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

School is kicking into high gear and that means that with my job and school, I have damn near no life. Though I did go to a party last night...and last weekend...that is beside the point.

Anywho, stuff is going alright. School is a cinch, it just takes up time. I need a vacation and I will be taking a short one to Portland on March 13th. Yes, Dustin, if you are reading this, that means your couch is least if that is still cool with you. :P

Time for bed now but I will report more later. Next time, I will tell the story of how I almost bought a house last week but then decided not to.



At 11:13 PM, Anonymous Captain Kangaroo said...

A tumbleweed bounces softly through Mogwai's blog... :)

At 11:49 PM, Anonymous Captain Kangaroo said...

The sound of crickets quietly echoes through the clear night sky...


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