Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It Isn't Coming Off

Okay, this is just messed up.

So I am going on my third week of working out every weekday. I do take the weekends off. I go to the gym, run for half an hour, and then lift weights for about 45 minutes, rotating between upper body and lower body workouts every other day. After this, I sweat in a sauna for 10 or 15 minutes. I have been watching my diet and portion sizes and when I have a Coke, I have Coke Zero. I have not had a real Coke in weeks...sigh...I miss it. I might have a few beers on the weekend but other than that, the drinking is in relative moderation. I have been taking my multi-vitamin and I have been eating three meals a day every day.


On the upside, I am not gaining any either. I have a feeling I am building muscle as I burn fat and this is offsetting any weight loss that may occur, seeing that muscle is heavier than fat and fat people tend to convert to muscle faster than skinny people.

While I may not be losing weight, I have been feeling consistently better than I have in years and that is worth something. I also feel less stressed. I think the working out is working, I just wish I was losing a little weight because in the back of my head there is a little voice saying that that is all that matters. I know this isn't true but there is nothing like seeing pounds come off that scale.

Anywho, I am off to work!


At 3:58 PM, Blogger dustin said...

As someone who's been trying to put on a bit of muscle for six months with no results, I feel your pain. I work out three times a week and have only put on about 3 pounds. At one point I was actually *down* four pounds, and I used a similar though opposite rationalization: I was burning fat during the workout faster than I was putting on muscle. Only after taking a couple weeks off during the holidays did my muscles have time to rebuild, and I'm finally starting to see good results.

Congrats on sticking with the program, by the way. The hard thing about working out is that it never seems to feel like part of my routine, so I have to keep on myself to do it. Has this been your experience as well, or have you gotten into a groove?

At 9:43 AM, Blogger Mogwai said...

I think working out has found it's niche in my lifestyle for the moment. My workday doesn't start until 10am so there is a lot of time to kill in the mornings and that is where I fit my workouts into. Since I have nothing else going on in the mornings, I haven't had to make much of an adjustment to my day other than getting up way earlier than I am used to.

The first week was hard because of needing to readjust my sleep schedule but now that that is in tune, the working out part is pretty easy.

I keep doing it because it makes me feel good and gives me energy. I know I am gaining some muscle because I can feel it in my arms and occasionally I actually catch a glimpse of a ripple instead of a roll. (^_^)

At 7:58 PM, Blogger dustin said...

As a post-script to a previous post: I just hurt my back today on the leg press machine, so I guess you're vulnerable there no matter what.

At 3:38 PM, Blogger Blank Girl said...

Write down everything you're putting in your mouth. Gum. Coffee. Cookie crumbs. It all adds up. And don't eyeball portions - measure them out. Those things make a HUGE difference. (BEEN THERE, DONE THAT!)

Also, are you drinking enough clear liquids containing no caffeine? Caffeine dehydrates you and when you're sweating a ton, your body's natural response is to hold on to as much water as possible if not enough is coming in.

At 9:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with "blank girl". Writing down what you eat no matter what it is, makes a huge difference. And cutting out the pop all together is a good idea:) Also I dont know if you ever watch the Biggest Loser? But they always talk about calories in calories out. Meaning, when you are at the gym working hard you HAVE to feed your body. Sometimes people want to cut calories because it seems like you would have to in order to lose weight. But in fact if you arent feeding your body what it needs it will hoard. And you wont see the numbers lost on the scale. Anyway, I think its awesome you are staying so dedicated! If you ever want to join Shad and I at the gym just to mix things up a bit, let us know!

At 9:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also, doesn't coke zero have aspartame in it? If so.....STAY AWAY! Aspartame and the ever popular spenda are REALLY REALLY bad for you!!! Aspartame is linked to brain cancer!


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