Tuesday, January 06, 2009

2009?! What the....whatever....

Well, the holidays came and went and to be honest, they felt weird to me. They were nice and it was cool to see the family and have a traditional American Christmas for the first time in a couple of years but there was just something that felt off. Unfortunately, it seems I was not alone in this feeling and the general consensus among most of the family was that this year was odd.

The really weird part and this is not a slant toward this Christmas but I found myself really missing my first Christmas in Japan. I hung out with Reid and Karie and we had a generally rockin' time. I miss that Christmas. I liked this Christmas because it felt comfortable but I liked that Christmas because I felt free.

In other news, Broxton is doing well and I think Brody and Michela are getting adjusted to being parents. It is kind of cool to see Broxton and to see him at a time when almost every time you see him, he looks a little bit older. He also looks more like a baby and less like a small alien creature. I think I like Broxton; we will have a lot of fun when he gets older. Right now, he doesn't do a ton other than sleep and eat and in that sense, he and I may be more similar than I care to admit.

Being on Christmas break from school was fun for about a week. Not being in school means time that I am not being a teacher. Not being a teacher means more time that I don't have my own house. Not having my own house means more time I am living in my parents' basement. Living in my parents' basement isn't doing me any favors in the not-being-single department. It is somewhat nerve wracking to know that most of my future well being hinges on one very slow moving process that I can only partially control. I wish I could take all of the classes I need in one semester but as it stands now, I have four classes coming up and then one or two summer school classes and depending on how many summer school classes are offered, maybe one class this coming fall. I really need to get a teaching job and school is slowing me down. Upside, I got a 4.0 this last semester and I probably put about as much effort into studying as I do in watching a couple episodes of the Simpsons. So much for being challenged. I am beyond wondering whether the classes are really easy or I am just creepy smart, I just know I am bored out of my mind.

So now it is the new year...I am not totally sure what I think about that but it isn't like I have a ton of say in the matter. I went into 2008 knowing that the year was going to be a wash and knowing that it was going to be a sort of an administrative year to figure out my new American life. It was a good year but not a ton got done on my part. Good things happened like Ben getting married and Broxton getting born and Malia being my girlfriend...and then not. I sold some of my pictures and I like my job and it is nice to hang out with my old friends all the time. The thing I was hoping for that didn't happen was that the administrative year that I knew was coming, didn't really end. It is looking like 2009 will probably also be an administrative year. Maybe I will just call it 2008.5.

I see progress being made and I see a light at the end of the tunnel but man, the train I am on is moving at an absolute crawl. I take solace in knowing that I am doing all that I can in regards to school and my career and future but it is so irritating to know that I can't just wake up tomorrow and get on with my life.

In a totally unrelated vein of thought, I really dig this show on A&E called, Intervention. It is basically about drugees and alcoholics being confronted by their families and getting treatment. I have no clue why I like this show but I have been watching it for three hours now while typing this out and doing some stuff for work. I can probably relate to it because some of the people I work with should really be on this program.


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