Sunday, October 19, 2008

One Crazy Half Spent Month

October is one of my favorite months. This October has been absolutely nuts and it is only half done.

It all started with me shuffling my belongings back into the depths of my parents' basement. They left for a weekend and what started as a, "Maybe I will just take the Xbox over," turned into a full fledged move and by the end of the day I was out of my lofty palace in the foothills and back in my parents' basement. It is a tad tight in here right now. When you have enough stuff for a house or apartment and it all gets put in one room, you have to be a tad creative with how you do it.

Then, I went to California with Tony to be the best man in Ben's wedding. That was an awesome weekend filled with drinking lots of wine and White Russians and eating a mean BBQ. Oh yeah, Ben got married too. :P The wedding was amazing and it is definitely the most beautiful event I have gone to. Ben and Kristy got married at this big vineyard near Santa Rosa, California. It was awesome and I am very happy for them. Though I am jealous, they are in Hawaii right now.

The one other big event to happen this month was my interview with another school. Two days before I headed down to Cali, I got a call from an almost frantic principal asking if I had a teaching job yet. I told her that I did not and the next day I found myself in a conference room being grilled by five administrators of this middle school. They need a special ed teacher for the resource room and all certified special ed teachers have jobs. That means I may also have a job. They are interviewing four other people and I will probably find out this next week if I have a job or not. I think my interview went really well and my odds are much better this time around. The other cool part about me getting this job would be I would only be teaching about a month and a half before Christmas break. I am hopeful and on Friday the principal called me to let me know that I was still in the running and that she would call me regardless of the outcome.

This next week will be good. It is the first time in a long time that all of my clients will be able to have all of their hours with me and this means that my next paycheck will actually not suck. This is good because money is still tight. Money is also another reason it would be good if I got this job. One month's pay would pretty much make all of my troubles go away. Anywho, here's to hoping.


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