Monday, September 01, 2008

Recent Happenings

So it is now the first day of September.

Yesterday, I got back from going to Craters of the Moon with Jim. That was pretty fun, we did some cave exploring and looked around the barren wasteland that is Craters of the Moon state park. We also made a trip to ERB-1, the world's first nuclear reactor that was used for something other than building nuclear weapons. I also talked my way out of a speeding ticket.

I am also now going out with someone. I like her but I worry about the fact that she is Mormon and her family doesn't really approve of our relationship. I am not sure how it is all going to turn out but I like hanging out with her and figure that I can just spend time with her and have fun and worry about the future later.

School has started again and so far it looks like it will be pretty easy. I have an internet based class this semester and I am not fond of it but I need to take it so I guess I will just grin and bare it.

Work is going okay. I wish I could take a real vacation at some point. I am not sure what I would do on said vacation but I would just like to go somewhere for a little while and not have to worry about anything. Not that I have been worrying about much anyway but I just want to get out of town for more than a day or two.

I won third place and honorable mention with the two pictures I submitted to the fair. I am not sure if I have mentioned this already so if I have, sorry, if I haven't, go me.

Anywho, that is what has been going on lately! I will post more soon.


At 2:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

...Ontario may work for a vacation, just think: the land of snow, predominantly flat land that lets you see for miles, polite people, funny money, strong beer...what do you think, eh? (guess who)

At 11:44 AM, Blogger Mogwai said...

That is kind of what I was thinking too. You have no clue how often I think of various reasons I need to come visit you guys.

At 6:30 AM, Anonymous Captain Kangaroo said...

Think of Australia as another option homeboy. Bit further away though. Viva Party of Five.


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