Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Well, my clothes for the interview are all laid out and my resume has been touched up and printed. The letters of recommendation have been assembled, I think I am ready for tomorrow morning. Am I nervous, yes. Am I very prepared for this, yes. Do I think I will get the job, dunno.

I think I am qualified for the job and I think I would do well at it. But, I also know that there are definitely people out there with more experience than me. I think if I do not get this job it will be because there was someone with more experience than me that was interviewed. I also know that I have done well to make myself look pretty good on paper so at this point, I think it is up in the air.

People around me have been talking so positive about the potential of this job for me and how good of a fit it all is. This makes me nervous because despite my best efforts, I am getting hopeful that I will get this job and think I will probably feel a tad put out if I don't get it. But if it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen and there is always next year. Besides, I like the job I have now and don't mind doing it for the foreseeable future. But I will be a little let down.

Anywho, I am anxious but I feel like I have done everything leading up to tomorrow morning to prepare me and qualify me for the position so I will just give it my best shot and see how it all goes.

Wish me luck and I will tell you what happened tomorrow!


At 11:17 AM, Blogger dustin said...

I know you'll do/you did very well in your interview. Like you said, after that it's out of your hands. Good luck and let us know!


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