Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nervous In A Good Way

Last week was really stressful. Nothing bad happened per se and I didn't work very many hours but the hours I worked seemed to drag on forever because of all of the extra little stuff I was doing for clients that I don't normally need to do. None of that stuff was particularly difficult either, it just broke up my routine and that sent time spiraling out of control.

Having said that, I deemed that Saturday would be a day of supreme relaxation and it was. Until I got a phone call.

A new high school has opened up in Meridian and this school is state-of-the-art. It is awesome on about eight levels of awesome. I have never been inside of it because I have had no reason to go there...until now that is. I have an interview for a History position this coming Thursday morning.

I am not sure why I am nervous about the interview because I have designed myself to look pretty awesome on paper. When interviewed, my credentials for a beginning teacher are also pretty tight. Not only am I certified to teach History, I will be able to teach Special Ed in less than a year. I also spend my days working with people with disabilities and have taught at a private school in Japan. I have also worked solely with kids with autism. I guess what I am saying is that my resume is very tidy for a school looking to pick up a History teacher. I am not bragging about this particularly, I am just very proud of the work I have done to put myself in the position I am in as far as hire-a-bility is concerned.

I think I am nervous because if I were to get this job, it represents a significant change in my life. I am in a rut that I like being in now but if the opportunity were to come along, I would have to take this job, regardless of pay or hours. Getting in on the ground floor of history at a brand spanking new school is an exciting opportunity. If hired, I would be amongst the first generation of teachers at that school and I like that idea for some goofy reason.

I think I am writing this post more to convince myself that I shouldn't be nervous because I know I am in a good position to get this job. I look good on paper and I interview well in person. I think the reason I am nervous is because of the change and because of how my first History teaching interview went several years ago. I was just out of school and was somewhat cocky and didn't answer some questions like I should have. I know better this time and will use that first time and the various other interviews I have had to build on for the upcoming interview.

I just hate having nervous energy, whether it be good or bad nervous energy. But I really like the possibility of being able to finally start my career for real this time.


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Gambatte mate.


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