Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Game Over, I Win

Well, Summer school is finished and I just got the grade for my final. I am not sure how but I scored a 100% on it, getting almost five points higher than the average. I also got a 9/10 on my final paper as well. I think this means that I can safely say that I rocked this class and probably most of the people in it. The Fall semester should be fun because I have this professor again and I know what to expect from him.

In other news, I entered two of my pictures into the Fair and upon going to see how they did, I found out that I got third place for my picture with the little mossy statues and I got honorable mention for my black and white of the statue of the guy listening to a Walkman. This makes me pretty happy because I wasn't sure what to expect from that and it verified that my photos don't suck...at least not as much as some of the others.

The last bit of news is perhaps the biggest of the post. I am no longer single! There was a girl named Malia a year behind me in high school and she took Drama with me. After school, we lost touch but thanks to the wonders of Facebook we started talking again and found out there were a lot of similarities between us. She basically started out going for Special Ed and then lately, has decided to go get a History degree. I did everything opposite. We hung out a ton this weekend and decided to give things a shot. So far so good. I like Malia and feel like I can be myself around her. She is a way cool girl and I look forward to hanging out with her more.

All in all, this was a pretty sweet weekend!!!


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Legend... :)


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