Saturday, June 07, 2008

My Weekend Age Regression Trip

On Thursday I took a roadtrip. I love roadtrips, but Thursday's trip was one I haven't taken in ten years; a trip to my cousin's in Washington with my parents. One of my cousins was graduating from high school so we decided to show up and be part of the cheering section.

As a general rule, taking roadtrips with my parents isn't something that I do very often these days. But thanks to gas being as ungodly expensive as it is, I decided to have parent-son bonding time. All in all, it went pretty well. I sat in the backseat and listened to my iPod and read magazines along the way; just like I was ten years old again. It was pretty funny, not a ton has changed since I was that good or bad.

The one thing that drives me nuts about traveling with my mom and dad is how slow they choose to traverse the American highway system. From Boise to my cousin's place takes at the very maximum, eight hours, max. My parents decided it takes two days and a stop at some random Indian casino along the way. Have I ever mentioned I hate casinos? Now, just because I despise gambling establishments does not mean that I won't take money from them and that is just what I did. I sat down at the poker table and walked away with forty bucks. I like poker, regardless of the location of the tables I choose to take down.

The next day we embarked on the second leg of the trip and made it to Washington. Once at our destination we hooked up with my brother and his wife and my cousins. I haven't been to their house in years and had all of my family around me. It was nice. My cousin's graduation went nicely and we all played a lot of Wii. I also got to shoot a beefy, Rambo-esque compound bow. That was also fun.

Tomorrow, I travel with my brother and his wife back to Boise. This whole weekend has been so funny and now it ends with a trip with my brother. I feel very young right now and I think that is good.


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