Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Long Time No See

Tonight was kind of funny. Somehow, someway, I was kind of drafted to help with my class's ten year reunion. I have been against this whole reunion business since day one but after tonight, I might be having a change of heart.

A small group of planners met at a pizza place here in town and discussed what we all wanted to do for the event. It was actually a good time. My old friend Kendall was there and so were a couple of other people that I remembered. As I was sitting there tonight, Kendall crept up on me and put me in a headlock. While not a fan of the headlock, I did like the camaraderie and sense of belonging to a group. Maybe that is what this whole reunion business is for.

So after it was all said and done, Kendall and I got put in charge of music and booze for the event and I was also recruited to help with the finding of people. All of the rest of the people that showed up were Mormons and that meant that Kendall and I were obvious choices to handle the booze. I think this stressed Kendall a bit but after I told him that even if we screw it all up, there will probably only be fifty people angry at us seeing the rest wouldn't be drinking anyway, he lightened up a tad.

After the meet, Kendall came over to visit for a while and have a couple of beers. We then went out to eat at Merrits. I really kind of felt like being in high school again. It was kind of cool.

In other news, today marks the last day of me officially doing stuff to get a teaching job. All of my applications have been submitted and all of my screening interviews taken and passed. All that is left now is to wait and hope an opening comes open. I also met with the second in charge of Meridian's special ed program and talked with her for a few minutes about me being available for a position in case they do not have enough Special Ed teachers to fill the vacancies. She seemed pretty positive and so maybe, just maybe, I will get into a teaching job this Fall. I hope so. I am hinging a lot of stuff on that, like getting a house.

Other than that, not a ton of stuff to report. I have been fairly busy lately and haven't been doing a lot of super fun stuff. This weekend looks more promising for that though.


At 7:56 PM, Blogger Blank Girl said...

Is that the same Kendall who played percussion? If so then he and I played together in the Symphonic Winds at BSU for a couple of months (till I dropped out).

Sounds like you had fun reconnecting with at least one person and that's really what the whole reunion business is about.


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