Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Slew Of Job Related Stuff and Everything Else

Ok, I haven't posted in about ten days and that is my bad. But in my defense, I have been super busy.

I went and talked to the guy at BSU and he got me all straightened out. I had to re-apply as a student and got accepted the other day. Now I have to register for two Summer school classes and take them. In the Fall I will be taking three classes, same with the Spring semester. After that, I have two classes left to take and those will hopefully happen in the Summer of 2009 but possibly the Fall of 2009. After that and a couple of tests, I will be certified to teach Special Ed.

I have also been busy filling out applications for all of the school districts in the area. I turned Meridian's in the other day and Boise's is finished, I just need to submit it. After that, I will submit Kuna's back to them as well. The hope is that one of the districts will not be able to find all of the special ed teachers it needs in time for the next school year. That means they would go into emergency mode and I would then be qualified to be hired on as a special teacher and do the job while I go to school. Everyone seems to think I will have a job come August but I am not that hopeful. It would be nice though.

As for my current job, it is going well. Not too much to report on that front. My video game store job is also going well, though there is always more drama going on there than at my other jobs. The problem I have with my jobs is that they eat up all of my time. I haven't had a day off work in about a month and a half. Part of me says that sucks but the other part of me doesn't know what I would do if I had a day or two off anyway so I may as well keep working and getting money. My money situation is pretty much squared away. I have enough coming in now that I can pay all of my bills, play a little, and save a bit. This is good.

In other news, I found out last week that I will be an uncle before the year is out. That will be funny. I am not sure why but this makes me feel younger for some reason. Lately, I have been feeling younger and that may be because of going back to college and just staying as busy as I have been.

Oh oh, at the end of the month, I will be moving into Ben's parents' place for the Summer. That will also be fun. Sorry, I am out of adjectives at the moment and just want to get all of this stuff out. I need to post on here more frequently so when I do post I don't just verbally vomit all over the place. Anywho, I need to go to work now but will post more later.


At 9:05 PM, Anonymous Captain Kangaroo said...

Hey legend,

Long time no talk. Hope all is well in ye olde Idaho. I'm starting work for the Japan Travel Bureau next month so I will be back and forth to Nippon again. It's mainly for Japanese folk coming to Oz, organising and attending tours, but later I'll start doing tours for Aussies headed to japan. Mon is well and sends her love.

Hope to catch up for another Suntory time in the future.

Rock on governor. Peace out :)

Ben and Monique

At 11:50 PM, Blogger Mogwai said...

That is sweet!! If you ever need an American guy to come over and give you Aussies tours of Kyoto let me know. BTW your company gets to foot the bill. But the way I see it, I am one of the few Americans that can probably keep up with the lot of you guys when it comes to drinking so I would be good company there. (^_^)


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