Friday, May 16, 2008

Appointments and Schedules

Staying on par with the past few months' course, I have enrolled in Summer school which means more weeks without any free time. I am excited to go back to school but not horribly thrilled with the price of it or the amount of time I will end up sinking into it. I am taking two Summer classes, one is on the fundamentals of teaching special education and the other is on teaching severely handicapped students. Both should be interesting and both should be easy, I just wish that I got paid to take the classes.

In other news, I have my screening interview with the Boise school district in the second week of June. This isn't anything special, it is just me getting asked a bunch of questions by the head of the History department (a guy I have known for a while) and being okay'd to be put into the pool of potential teachers. There is one history position open at a junior high but I am not sure if I will be added to the pool soon enough to qualify for it. We will see. That would be an interesting wrench in my plans if I were to sign up for all of this Special Ed stuff and then get a history job. I wouldn't complain though.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I went to work and found out that I had meant more of my hourly goals with clients than any other person and I got a prize. It wasn't much of a prize but I was happy that I was on top. To add to the fun of the day, I kind of sort of bought a 46" Sharp Aquos LCD television too. I had no intent to buy a tv yesterday but I know I will need one soon and this was a stupidly good deal so I had to take it. Grand Theft Auto 4 on a big tv is fun.

Lately, I have felt like such a robot. I don't do much other than work and it is starting to wear me out. There is no variation in my life and I still have not had a day off. I need to get a teaching job soon so I can feel like I am not working my ass off just to tread water. There is something to be said for treading water though because I am finally getting some savings built up. It isn't much but it is better than nothing. I feel like I have breathing room again.


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Should get good HD reception on top of the hill.

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