Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I dread taxes. Yesterday, I finally got mine sent in and that was a pain. Unlike most of you guys, living in Japan has given me some special circumstances to deal with. Special circumstances means paperwork that even the IRS people weren't totally sure how to feel out.

The upside is that I am basically exempt from taxation this year from both state and federal entities. The downside is that I am not 110% sure I filled out all of the paperwork correctly. Either way, it is done now and I am reasonably certain is is done correctly so I am happy.

My question is this: If Peppy Kids Club knew I was going to have such a pain in filing this year, why could they have not helped me, because I am sure I am not the only American that has ever had to come back to the US and file a tax exemption? The IRS guy said that almost all overseas companies help you out with this. Not Peppy Kids Club. The other thing that irks me is if the US government expects EVERYONE to file some sort of return, why can they not word them in plain English so everyone can understand them. Yes, some CPAs would be out of a job but is the government here to serve us or a gaggle of accountants. Don't tell me, I think I know the answer.


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