Friday, April 11, 2008

Bored In A Video Game Store

You would think that a video game store would be a fun place to work at but, as I am learning, it isn't so much.

Things I have done today:

1)Drank my iced mocha.
2)Wiped down some TVs and glass cases.
3)Read a video game magazine...boring.
4)Played some video games...boring.
5)Studied Japanese.
6)Talked to one of the store's owners.

Notice that nowhere in that list did I mention, "help a customer". This is because in the two hours since the store has opened, I haven't had a single one. Not a single freaking person other than the owner and myself has walked through the doors.

I was hired to increase sales because I am some kind of a "sales god" but it is nigh impossible to sell stuff when there isn't a single soul coming into the store. If I were the owner of this place, there is no way I would keep this store open when the other store does much better and has a more positive vibe going for it. I have a feeling that if something doesn't happen in a month or two, they will start to think the same way. All I know is that I am going out of my mind from the monotony of listening to video games chirping and no one to talk to.


At 12:21 PM, Anonymous phear said...

It is not sales the store lacks, but marketing


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