Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I Like My Job!

I think for the first time in a long time, if ever, I can safely say that I enjoy my job. Yay!!! I can't get too specific about it but I enjoy working with the kids and now that I am getting more hours, I am liking the money too. I got a new client yesterday and may have one more new one by the end of the month so that is cool. The people I work with are also pretty cool so I think I will hang around at this place for a while.

The way that I started to get more hours is by picking up a second job within the company. Now on some mornings, I work with a couple of autistic kids. I am meeting one of them today for the first time but I have been working with the other kid for about a week. He is a funny little guy.

In other news, Boise is kind of sort of boring. If you don't have any other things going, it seems like the three big things to do here are renting movies, going to the movies, and going bar hopping. The latter can be fun in moderation but I don't see a point in the other two. I think I would be less bored if I had a girlfriend or significant other or something, maybe I should get on that and work my manly wiles on some poor lass. Or maybe I will just play more Halo 3. Seriously though, it bothers me that there isn't more to do around here and it bugs me that so many people are okay with just going to the movies. I will be glad when the Shakespeare theater starts up in the summer; it is at least something different. I have been feeling very boxed in and anxious lately and I think it is due to Boise's size. It is very odd to move from hanging out in cities with twelve million people to one that has about three hundred thousand when you add in all of the smaller towns nearby.


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