Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Typing Hurts

If you were to judge me by the condition of my hands alone, right now, you would think I was a zombie. They are swollen and skin is peeling off of them and the meaty parts look like raw hamburger in places. I can't feel anything with my fingertips so touch typing is out at the moment. Touching anything hurts and my fingers are so stiff I can't make a fist without them hurting. All of this because of nerves.

I am still a tad stressed but feel better than I did the other day. Stuff is just so weird and I can't settle down. It is good to see friends again though and it is so strange that they are so accessible and close now. I spend a good chunk of time with Jim because he is currently less-than-employed and so he has more free time than I even do.

I went to the Flickr meet the other night and that was cool to meet some of the people I talk to on there. I also got to play with a D3 and had to wipe my drool off of it when I was finished. As far as Nikon cameras go, the D3 is pretty much the Ferrari and costs are also comparable. The camera body alone is around $6000. It was nice to meet new people though and I will definitely be attending all of the future meet-ups. People also seemed to like my pics so that was cool. Speaking of my pics, it looks like Heather and Jake may be buying some of my shots. I told them they could just have the files and print out whatever they wanted for free but they are insisting that they pay me. Whatever works, I can put it toward paying of my credit card.

Speaking of paying stuff off, that would be a ton easier to do if my new job actually gave me hours and at full pay. Currently I am client-less and having to shadow other people. This means I get half pay and almost no hours. This would be great if I didn't have ambitions and payments to make but as it is, it kind of sucks. Supposedly, this will all change in the next couple of days but if it goes on like this too much longer I will be looking for a new job. I am putting in my applications to Boise and Meridian schools today or tomorrow. It would be nice to have a consistent job again. It would be nicer to have one I actually like. I like the new job but so far I am not doing much and it is aggravating.

Tony comes in on Saturday so I get to see him. I am excited for that, I have missed him. As I said, it is so strange to be able to see all of my friends again. Very odd. Anywho, I need to get some stuff done before I leave to go shadow a guy for my job and my hands are killing me so I am going to wrap this up. More news later.


At 8:33 PM, Blogger Blank Girl said...

I had a great time hanging out the other night and I hear we'll see you tomorrow. :) Sweet...

So you should check out the house (I updated my blog).

See ya tomorrow!


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