Monday, February 18, 2008

Real Work and Other News

This week is my first week that I actually get to work! No more training or anything like that. The downside to this is that since I only have one client assigned to me, I am not getting a ton of hours. Hopefully, this will change soon.

My first client is an elementary school student with some moderate anger issues and some other minor problems. In reality, he would be totally normal if it weren't for his complete nut of a mom. If anyone needs help, it is her. For privacy reasons, I can't say a ton more than that but I have a feeling this kid and I will get along pretty well and if I have any problems, they are going to come from the person that gave birth to him. I can safely say that if this kid grows up to be a killer or kill himself, 90% of the blame can be placed firmly on mommy's shoulders. It makes me sad to think he would be a totally normal dude if it weren't for the rotten luck that placed him in a nutcase family.

My initial meeting with my kid went very well. I took him out for ice cream and just talked to him for a bit. He is a smart kid but I can see a few things that I am going to need to watch for. For one, I know he takes after his mom and that means he is used to manipulating people to get what he wants. He is not above lying and trying to pit people against each other to get what he wants. While I am new at this whole thing, I can read people pretty well and so I am not too worried about most of this. These are all behaviors that can be unlearned and if they present themselves, I can deal with them. The thing that I have going for me is that I am used to dealing with kids and I am in constant contact with his teacher and counselor as well.

In other news, Tony was in town this weekend and we got to hang out. Jim and I went to Twin Dragon to eat with his mom and sister and her boyfriend. It was a good time and nice to be able to see him. If there is one thing that rocks about being back, it is how accessible my friends are again. I went out to eat with Jake and Heather on Friday and then went to an Obama fundraiser thingy at a bar. The event itself wasn't anything to write home about but the whole experience of being able to sit in the same booth as Jake again and have a couple drinks rocked. I missed that and its nice to be able to do it again.

I think I am finally starting to get used to the day to day grind of the US once more. I work, I fill up the car with gas, I take pictures, I drive everywhere. Much of it is like I never left. Then there is the other side of things; all of my friends are older acting now and have kids and careers and houses and significant others. Though they don't see me as one, I feel like a third wheel sometimes and it makes me wish I was married again or at the very least, was in some kind of relationship. Must.Have.Patience.

Oh oh, one other fun thing that has happened. I went to Ben's parents' place for dinner about a week ago and we got to talking about their recent upgrades to their cabin in Stanley and how they were going to live there full time for the summer. It came up that their current(and sweet) house was going to need a caretaker and that I fit the bill pretty well. So, around Memorial Day, I will be moving into their house and kind of sort of, making it my own for a few months. Ben's parents' place could basically be my dream house if only it had a hot tub. Other than that, it pretty much fits the bill. My rent is pretty low, I mow the lawn and trim the roses. This will be nice because it will give me a few more months to save money before I decide whether or not to rent a place of my own, buy a place of my own, or move away again.

Well, I am making turkey curry tonight and I need to check and see how everything is cooking. I will post more soon!


At 9:02 PM, Blogger Blank Girl said... that you mention it, I have been thinking about not hanging out with until you get a girlfriend. ;)


I understand what you mean, though, but I'm glad that you know none of us coupley parenty people feel like you're a third wheel. Yes, I'm totally looking forward to cooking wars. YUM!

At 7:50 PM, Blogger JessicaElizabeth said...

Just because people act older and have already settled in their lives, doesn't make them always more complete. Think of the things you have seen that most will never get to, think of how much you have experienced that those who went directly for the "family" life will never have... each of us choses our path and becomes happy for it, but which would you have?


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