Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This Is How You Land On Your Feet

Before coming back to the United States, I had a pretty well thought out plan for how everything was going to go down when I returned to the country. Thanks to some luck and me being a veritable rock star of men, my plan has gone off without a hitch so far.

I had my job interview yesterday and found out today that I got the position. Starting late this week or early next week, I will be working for a small company that helps mentor and teach mostly kids with behavior issues. It sounds like a really nice group of people and it is a profession I had never pictured myself in but find the field intriguing nonetheless. It also pays pretty well and once I am full time there, I should be pretty comfortable. I pretty much knew that I had the job by the end of the interview

Which is good, considering that I should have my car by the end of the week. My baby, the 2005 Toyota Matrix XRS will soon be sitting in the driveway with me behind its wheel once again.

The new job requires me to have a phone and will pay for part of my monthly bill so yesterday I picked up an iPhone. Actually, my parents picked up the iPhone, as it was their Christmas present to me. I have to say, all of the hype that has surrounded this gadget is well worth it. The phone is simply amazing in terms of use and functionality. My only complaint is the size of the buttons when typing on it; with my big hands, it is easy for me to hit the wrong button. I think that will just take some practice though because I am getting better the more I use it.

My other new toy is an Xbox 360 Elite. I have wanted one forever and have held off until the day after I hit town and then I snagged one. It is a fun toy, though I feel a tad guilty for buying it. It used money that definitely could have gone toward something else more useful but well...yeah...I wanted an Xbox.

So right now I am feeling pretty good. It is strange to be back but I am taking measures to keep all of the stressful stuff to a minimum. I have found that if I don't have to interact with a ton of people, I end the day in a pretty good mood. People, especially those in the service industry, have been driving me nuts. They are just so different and more rude than the people I am used to dealing with.

I also have one other gripe. What in the hell is with all of the people(mostly women) walking around in public while in their pajamas? It drives me nuts. If you are going to leave your house, get dressed. It is a very simple practice that has been done for centuries, wake up, bathe, put on clothes, leave your house. It doesn't get easier than that but for some reason people insist on wearing pajamas outdoors. Stupid.

One thing I have grown to love about being back is taking trips to Walmart. If I need a boost, I stroll the aisles of that hollowed center for cheap food and odd people. I wouldn't say I am thin but after ten minutes of Walmart, I feel like I just came out of boot camp and the gym. Americans have gotten bigger in the last couple of years, much bigger. Combine pajamas with an abundance of flesh and you feel like you are at a sleep over hosted by McDonalds. Walking through Walmart makes me feel like Brad Pitt and I don't even have to break a sweat.

In other news, it was snowing like mad today. It made for scary driving and so I decided today was a good day to let other people cart me around. I went out to lunch with my brother and after a couple of entertaining and somewhat frightening incidences involving his car and a snow covered road, I knew I made the right choice. It is good to be able to be back and able to hang out with him again.

Oh yeah, before I forget. For all of my friends on the North American continent, can you please email me your phone numbers and birthdays. I need to get numbers into my phone and so if you haven't already, please email me your info.


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