Wednesday, January 02, 2008

And Now It's 2008

The new year came without a ton of fanfare on my part. I went into Kyoto and met Jessica and we wandered around for a little while before eating a really tasty katsu place in Kawaramachi. After that, we met up with a couple of her friends and they took us to a temple that neither of us had been to. It was fun to ring in the new year the way many Japanese people do and it was good to eat all of the festival food that I love.

Saying that, other than going to a temple or two, it didn't really feel like New Years. I don't know why but lately, holidays have gained a habit of passing without a ton of the bells and whistles I am used to. Jessica let me crash over with her and on New Years Day we both woke up in the early afternoon and just sat around for a bit.

After leaving Jessica's, I headed to Kyoto to meet up with my buddy Jay, from Videolamer. He and his girlfriend decided to come to Japan for the New Year and it has been fun to show them around. Right now, they are snoozing in my guest bedroom aka the kitchen. Tomorrow, we are off to Osaka for a day in Den Den Town and maybe some karaoke afterward. We shall see.

Anywho, not a ton else to report but I am happy to say that I will now be back in the United States in less than a month, 23 days to be exact. I get all chipper when I think about the fact that by the end of the month I won't be working for Peppy anymore and I will be able to be back in the US. I will miss Japan but at this point, I am very ready to come back. Well, off to bed, we have an early and slightly busy day planned for tomorrow.


At 12:19 AM, Anonymous Dylan said...

And we look forward to having you home. Happy new year.

At 6:45 AM, Blogger Mogwai said...

You too! We will have to get in touch when I get back, I haven't seen you in forever.


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