Thursday, December 20, 2007

An Overdue Update

Get ready, this post will most likely be all over the map.

All sorts of stuff has been happening over the past week. None of it is horribly big or exciting but all of it sums up to be rather significant and has kept me rather busy.

I will start with the news that I may have a job prospect upon returning to Boise. I am not going to say a ton about it until I am more certain that I actually have a job but I can say that I think I at least have an interview. While it isn't a teaching position at a school, it would utilize my education degree a little and I would be helping people. Hopefully it pans out but at this point I am not totally certain I even have an interview, though it has been suggested that I most likely will. One thing is for certain, meeting people online isn't a bad thing sometimes. :)

Next, today I finished wading through all of the bureaucratic smoke and finally got my visa stuff taken care of. This is good because it means I can get all of the money I have coming to me from my company and I am not going to get a lot of hassle when I leave the country. Everything I have to get updated is updated, tomorrow I just have to mail a copy of it all off and I am done.

Speaking of being done, I booked my flight home and that is all paid for and finalized. I will leave Japan on the evening of January 26th and land in Boise in the middle of the afternoon on January 26th. I love traveling into the past, I gain a day.

My next big project is house cleaning. Tomorrow, I am going to pay some bills and get the ball rolling for getting stuff turned off and canceled at the appropriate times next month. Then comes the sorting through everything and figuring out what goes, what stays, and what gets thrown away when I move. Most of it is staying or getting chucked, I just need to sift out what I am actually taking with me when I leave. I already have two boxes of books and manga that I am preparing to send to Singe_ID and will probably be mailing that off tomorrow. Singe_ID, that means get ready for books and your Christmas present. Feel free to browse through the boxes but know that you probably won't understand about half of it unless you have been studying Japanese. :P

Christmas is going to be interesting this year and by interesting I mean boring and uneventful. No one is coming over and I am not visiting anyone I think so that means sleeping in, getting up, taking a shower, getting some hot chocolate and Baileys, and watching movies all day. I may go somewhere for dinner or I may just make something kind of fancy for dinner, I am not sure. The only thing I am sure of is that I can do whatever I want because it's just going to be me. Speaking of Christmas, it doesn't even feel like Christmas. The weather has been nice and today was sunny and in the high 50s. Snow hasn't even attempted to invade my mountain town and only a handful of people have put up any lights. It just doesn't feel like Christmas. I am not bothered by this because how many times in your life do you get to have Christmas exactly how you want it to be? I would prefer to not be alone but other than that, I can't complain a ton. I don't have the constant pressure that the holiday season puts people under in the United States and I don't have to worry about any obligations that come with visiting friends and relatives. Not that visiting people isn't nice, it is just a funny feeling to know that I am not in a position to have to even think about it. I imagine this will make next Christmas seem hectic and crazy but I think I am about ready for another hectic and crazy Christmas. I know that I am getting bored with being alone regardless of what day or time of the year it is.

As of this very moment, I have one month, six days, one hour, and eleven minutes until I get on the plane to come back. I am getting excited worried about coming back to the US, and homesick for Japan all at once. There is so much to do and see and start again in the United States but I am also starting to remember all of the entanglements and complications that come with the culture and society I am going back to. I think that once I get back to Idaho, I will be ok for a few months but after that, it will really start to sink in that I am not going back to Japan to live again. I am expecting March and April to be rough months because they are two of my favorite months here and I will be missing cherry blossom viewing. Oh well, I will see it all again someday because I will come back to at least visit again.

Anywho, that has been what's been going on in my world. I am on Christmas vacation now and if last night was any benchmark for how the break will go, I am going to be bored out of my mind until New Year's Eve. I do have plans then but I will elaborate more on that in another post. Now, it is time to watch a movie and relax for a while.


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