Monday, December 10, 2007

I Guess They Liked Me

Tonight was the last night for me to teach my private lessons with Maya.

We had three classes and she told me before class that she had told the kids tonight would be my last lesson because she didn't know if I would have to time teach in January. I am not sure why she thought this because I told her two or three times I could definitely teach in January but whatever. Since it was my last lesson and all of the students and their families had been informed of this, I was sure I would get a couple of thank you cards from the kids and maybe a small gift from one or two of the parents. I was wrong.

As it turns out, my last lesson was also meant to be the Christmas party of sorts for the kids so at each of the three houses, there were snacks to be munched upon and pictures to be taken. Toward the end of each class, I did get the usual thank you cards and Christmas cards from the kids but I was floored at what the parents got me. One family bought me a complete dictionary set, one volume for Japanese to English and another for English to Japanese. And I am not talking about a student's beginner dictionary either, I am talking a full-blown academic set with very nice bindings and very complete word lists. These are nice dictionaries and it set the parents back at least $60, I know this because I have actually looked at getting a similar pair of dictionaries. When I saw them, I was almost speechless.

Another family surprised me because I had only taught this specific group of kids a handful of times but it turns out, all of them really enjoyed having me as a sensei. I walked out of that house with a box of cookies specific to my town, a box of traditional Japanese kelp snacks, a post card set from Fukuchiyama, and a thank you card. The generosity shown by everyone tonight was extraordinary and I was extremely grateful for all of the gifts, especially since I wasn't expecting any.

After my lessons, Toby and I went out for sushi and then to the arcade to play some ultimate air hockey and a racing game. It was a good time and was a nice ending to a great and fulfilling day. I am glad I at least was able to have some impact on my private students because I enjoyed teaching them. When I get the pictures from tonight, I may pop one or two on here.


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