Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

To say that my Christmas day was exciting and full of surprises and joy would be similar to saying that Halloween isn't about sugar and scaring the living daylights out of people. I have done pretty much nothing other than eat and drink hot chocolate and Baileys. It's a hard life.

However, I did get one surprise today. I got a phone call from the post office (yeah, they are open Christmas day) and was told that the way I had filled out some paperwork for the two huge boxes of stuff I sent home incorrectly and I had to go back to the post office to fix the problem. The lady that helped me didn't know you couldn't insure a package for more than the cost of items inside. I kind of wondered about it at the time but since she was the one that through the amount out there for me to insure the packages for, I figured she knew what was going on. Evidently not. Anywho, I came back to the post office because no Christmas day is complete without a mid-afternoon trip to a Japanese post office and it wasn't like I had other stuff going on. The lady that helped me before was the one who called and when I got there she apologized to me over and over and I told her it was no big deal but she thought otherwise. After the problem had been rectified, there was a difference of 100 yen in my favor and so I was given two postal stamps that I will never use. As a parting gift and for inconveniencing me on Christmas, I was given a present. I would tell you to guess what it was but you wouldn't get it in a million years so I will just tell you. They gave me a roll of Saran Wrap. I am not kidding, my one true Christmas present this year was a roll of plastic wrap. I can die happy.

Plastic wrap is awesome because you can do so much with it. Of course you can bundle food stuffs in it but that is just one narrow-minded use for the stuff. What about stripping naked and wrapping yourself in it, like in Fried Green Tomatoes, or draping it over your windows to keep out various plagues and virii? It is also fun to wad into balls and throw at stuff and can be colored with a marker and then put on a light bulb to make it cast a different hue of light. Let us not forget the classic, plastic wrap over the toilet prank. So thank you Japan Postal Service for a gift that has left me truly in awe and amazement.

Merry Christmas everyone and I am sorry you didn't get a gift as cool as mine!


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