Saturday, November 24, 2007

And I Find Out The One Way The New Guy Can Drive Me Nuts

I was in a drinking mood tonight. This doesn't happen very much anymore but when it does, usually I like to start out with a beer or two and then it leads to something more. Tonight was no different. I started out with a few shots of whiskey and a beer and then it turned into a trip to the bar.

As it turns out, Toby LOVES the one bar that our town has. He likes it so much that he is willing to get stupid drunk there and become the annoyingly loud Westerner that I have grown to loathe. Jeez, Toby is annoying when he is drunk. And, he can't ride a bike in a less-than-sober state either. He crashed into the bushes on the way home and hit his head on a telephone pole. I laughed but unfortunately, he got up too fast and it was to dark to take a good cell phone pic of him splayed out in the bushes.

I could tolerate and even enjoy his drunken state while we were outside but when we came to our apartment building, I had had enough. He tripped on the first floor landing and in his drunken sauntering around the hall, he took up the mud mat that was laid out for everyone to use. When I told him to put it back he then had the nerve to say no to me. Then I told him in a less-than-friendly manner to put the mat back or there would be issues and then he did. It is good to know that in an animalistic and slightly drunken state, I am the alpha male of the two of us. After some struggling and some help, Toby managed to get the mat back into place but then decided to sing me a 1:30am in the hall of an apartment filling with sleeping occupants other than us. After a couple of lines of "If I Were The King Of The Forest" from Wizard of Oz, Toby realized that I was no longer there and yelled at me to wake him up tomorrow morning for our supposed trip to Osaka. Did I mention that there are other people sleeping in our vicinity and it was 1:30am? Beh.

So the plan for, is that we are going to Osaka to get him a Northface coat from Costco. I told him that if he was going to make me go to Osaka so he could use my Costco card, that I was going to have a nerd day looking for manga in Den Den Town first and he could do whatever he wanted in the mean time. The bottom line is that I have some gaps in my manga collection that require me to go to Osaka to fill in so I may as well do it now and help Toby out at the same time.

I like Toby but damn, I have now found out he is just like every other Westerner and I have to say that I am a tad disappointed. Man, I am going to be in for a shock when I come back to the US.


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