Monday, November 05, 2007

And Back To The Doctor Again

Ok, this is starting to get boring.

Today, I went to the doctor for my follow-up visit since I am getting better but still not 110% well. My lab test was supposed to be back today but it was late for some reason and so the doctor just gave me more of the stuff I have been taking after every meal for the past four days. He told me that when the test came back, if it was something other than what he thought it was, I would need to come back to get different medication that could better treat whatever bug is happily kicking around in my digestive tract.

Well, I just got a call from Maya and they called her and told her I need to come in tomorrow. They couldn't tell her the exact results because she wasn't related or married to me but they did tell her I didn't need to worry. So tomorrow morning, for the third time in less than a week, I get to see the cheerful old man that has become my doctor. I am seeing way too much of this guy. Lucky for him, he gets to freshen up his English skills. I just get to take more meds and wonder when everything will get totally back to normal. The thing is, the stuff he had me on has been working but evidently there is something more effective.

I vote that we start a pool to wager on what I have.

My bet is that I got E-coli. Either way, I find out in about 11 hours. Third time is a charm.


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