Monday, October 08, 2007

Worked Up Over Nothing

That seems to be me lately.

The smallest things are starting to set me off and I am not sure why, probably because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I just want to get out of here. I remember feeling like this before I came here too.

Anywho, today I put my finger on one thing that has been slowly eating at me. I have been here for two years basically. You would think that after that span of time, you would stop having cravings for food and other things that you know you can't have or get. This is not the case. I am not sure what I would do right now if I knew I would be rewarded with a pan crusted Pizza Hut Canadian bacon pizza and maybe some of their bread sticks. I could also go for pressed almond chicken with fried rice from Twin Dragon. While we are at it, orange chicken from Wok King would rock too. Hell, at this point a couple of crisp meat and cheese tacos with some tater tots from Taco Bell sounds good. The thing is, when I get a hankering for something, I have to find a substitute for it. Sometimes, the substitutes suck when compared to the real thing and it is just driving me nuts that I can't get the real deal. I am sick of settling for crappy alternatives, I want what I want and nothing else.

The nice part is that in three months and twenty some odd days, I can have them. The downside to that is for the first week or two I am back I am going to be sick. The Asian stuff I want, I think I will be okay with but the pizza...not sure on that one. There are also homemade things that I have been wanting but can't make do to the lack of a civilized kitchen. My chicken parmesan, a steak, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, ginger snaps, cookie dough, etc. You get the picture. For the first few days I am back, my parents or my brother will have thought Betty Crocker moved in with them. I just want to be able to cook without limitations; I miss that.

The other thing that has been getting under my skin is the guy that is selling my car back to me. I have emailed him twice now and still no response. My dad has talked to him and everything still sounds like it is a go but jeeze, how much effort is it to email a guy back when he is willing to give you money? I like things cut and dry, black and white, I like being sure that things I expect to be happening are indeed happening. When I just get this "pretty sure" stuff it makes me want kick something. This is my car we are talking about here, I want a "Yup, send me X amount of dollars and we are good to go, see ya in January." It isn't that hard to do.

Anywho, aside from all of that, I have been messing around with a lot of photography stuff lately. I am getting to do some black and white shots I have wanted to do for a while and I am learning more about tweaking things in Photoshop to get them just right. I will end this post and leave you with some of the pictures I have been taking lately.

This is a shot I took while Ben was here. When I took it, thanks to the glass in front of me, there was a lot of glare. Fortunately, after a few hours of work, it looks just like it should. That is the Tokyo Tower by the way.

This little guy was at a shrine I took Ben to while he was here. I took this pic specifically to turn into a black and white and I like how it turned out. He looks so happy.

Lastly, there is this guy. I call him the Whistler. If these statues were real people, I like to imagine they are all waiting at a crosswalk doing their own thing and then there is one in the middle that is happily whistling to himself. Or maybe I am just a nut.


At 3:02 AM, Anonymous Captain Kangaroo said...

G'day Ty. Home in January? Wowzers. Congrats mate. It's the 4th quarter and almost full time. No Oz trip I'm guessing? Fully understand man, we probably won't have our own joint by then anyway so you'd be at our folks places (eeeek...)Email me and let me know what's going on in Ty's world, Ty's world, party time, excellent...

At 9:57 PM, Anonymous Ben said...

The whistler is awesome. Made me LOL. The funny thing is, I remember him from when we were there and it made me laugh then too.


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