Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Re-uniting With An Old Friend

When I left for Japan almost two years ago, I left behind my family, my friends, most things familiar to me, and my 2005 Toyota Matrix XRS. In February of 2006, my Matrix sold to a person that had dealings with my family and they were very happy with my precious black car/SUV/hatchback thingy. I figured that the last time I would ever drive the car was the time right before I left to come here and wrote it off as the best car I had ever had...for six months. As it turns out, I may have been wrong. (^_^)

The family that owns my car now just had a new baby and are looking to get something more soccer mom-ish aka a minivan. He loves my Matrix too but he can't afford payments on three cars right now and so a week or two ago, he put a listing on Craigslist for my black, six speed bundle of joy. Oddly enough, he called my dad a few days ago and my dad got a feeling he may be looking to part ways with my car. So my dad emailed him and low and behold, he was indeed trying to abandon my Matrix, to a stranger none-the-less. The cool part was that he understood I regretted having to sell the car when I did and that he may be willing to hold on to it for me until I come back.

I just shot him off an email, telling him I want to make this work and that I would love to have my car back in January. Hopefully, he is speedy with emails and I will hear back from him soon. I am giddy just thinking that I get to have my car back. The other cool part is that he is willing to part with the car for a very reasonable chunk of money, less than what I was expecting to pay for a car when I come back, and he has only put 17k miles on it since I sold it to him. I also have good reason to believe that the car is in pretty much the same condition as when I sold it to him, his family doesn't smoke and they have loved it like I did.

So anywho, I have something to be happy about today and one more thing to possibly look forward to when I come back.

Only three months and twenty some odd days until I am hopefully driving you once again, little buddy.


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