Friday, October 12, 2007

The Mellowness of Japanese Steak

In my pre-emptive attempt to woo and ahh the single women of Idaho, or any other state for that matter; I have started experimenting with cooking Japanese cuisine.

Last night, I tried to grill some rice balls using several different sauces and topping and the results were not what I was hoping. I think I figured out why though so I will try again soon. I also stumbled on a way to flavor steak that is very tasty and requires that the steak be wrapped over night while covered in a paste. The result is very tasty and very mellow. It is a Japanese flavor that makes it blend very well with rice and beer...especially beer and I have not ever had a steak with this mellowness and flavor. Overall, I would say it was pretty darned good. The beer was also good in fact that I am having seconds right now.

Sunday or Monday, I plan on trying a new chicken recipe to see how that works out and I may also try to tempura lotus root and see how that turns out. I have had tempura'd lotus root before and it was quite tasty...though I may be allergic to it. Either way, barring that my through closes up and I die, I will post my the results of my further culinary experimentation.

Did I mention that that steak had a very mellow flavor? I think it was the sake.

This was pretty much me tonight...minus the fire...and people....and the red hat...and the Japanese guy. Ok, this wasn't me at all.


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