Friday, September 28, 2007

The Unbudging Door

Having just returned from grocery shopping, I parked my bike in the bike area and went into my apartment building.

As I climbed the stairs, I was busily thinking to myself about the chicken and broccoli with pasta that I am fixing for dinner tonight. Having climbed a couple of flights of stairs, I approached the door to the apartment and put my key in the lock. I turned the key. The door did not open. I figured that maybe the lock was just a little jammed and tried again, still, the door would not budge. I took my key out of the lock and made sure it was the right key. It was. I tried the key again, still the door held firm.

I took out the key again and tried another key just for fun. No. I tried another key. No. I went back to my original key, held it close to my face and eyed each of the grooves and jags. Yes, this was the right key. I placed the key back into the lock and turned again. Nothing. I hit the door hard thinking maybe the lock had not slid into place when I left earlier and it just needed a "technical tap", still nothing. By this point I had hit the door a couple more times and uttered several obscenities under my breath. Why was the door not opening?! I backed away from the door and stepped on the end of the baguette I just bought.

I was getting angry.

I tried the key one more time and smacked it a couple of times for good measure. Still, I was not rewarded with the satisfying click of the locking mechanism. A good minute or so had passed since I began my struggle with the stupid door and knowing that I was about to snap and begin kicking and hollering at said door, I stopped and took a deep breath and realized, the door I was about to kick in was to apartment #200.

I humbly picked up my groceries and walked up one more flight of stairs.


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