Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Response To An Odd Request

I have been stepping up my browsing of Craigslist, in search of job openings for when I come back to the States. Tonight, I found a strange one from a family in Boston.

Basically, they are a family of four with two kids and are planning on going on a year long trip around the world next year and want a teacher to come with them to impart nuggets of education to their kids along the way. I have heard of families bringing tutors with them on longer vacations but I have never heard of a modern family requesting one on a trip of this magnitude. Anywho, my curiosity is piqued so I shot an email off to them to introduce myself a tad. Their requirements were pretty simple, they want a licensed teacher(check), someone that is used to and enjoys traveling(big check), someone with a good sense of humor(sure...check), and someone that was free from July of 2008 through July of 2009(I don't have any big plans...check).

Who knows if I will hear back from them but it is a unique offer I figured I should at least look into a little more. If something like this were to go down, I would want to meet the family and especially, the kids way before committing to the ordeal. There is no way I would ever do this with people that were weirdos. It is bad enough to go on week long trips with people I don't like, I can't begin to imagine a year like that. But still...it is an interesting proposition and I think if it were undertaken correctly, it could wind up being a really cool experience for all of the involved parties.

Anywho, I will post if I hear anything back from them.


At 8:04 PM, Anonymous phear said...

Be careful. The kids might be obnoxious and the parents might really be looking for a babysitter. You hate that! It also sounds like homeschoolers...uhhh they think they are above everyone else and totally unfit for social activities.

At 7:08 AM, Blogger Mogwai said...

It doesn't look like it is going to matter one way or the other since they never emailed me back. :)


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