Monday, September 03, 2007

Future Goals: Part One

When I grow up, I want...oh crap...hold on...I am grown up. Damn. Okay, lets try this again. When I get settled down after I get back to the US, I have some goals that I think would make me happy.

First, I want a vegetable garden. I like to cook and I like using fresh ingredients, who doesn't? So I figure, I should start a garden when I come back and get somewhere where I can have one. I would like to grow tomatoes and carrots for sure and then maybe some herbs. Since I have come here, I have enjoyed watching rice develop from tiny seedlings to full grown stalks of grains. I really like being able to say to myself, "Yup, that field is ready for harvesting." You know a rice paddy is ready to go when the stalks start to get so top heavy they tip over, for your information. There is just something about a garden and watching things grow that anchors me. My mind works over time and all of the extra hours makes time feel like it is flying by. I think if I had something to look at and know that there is still a lot of time left and that time is actually pretty slow moving when you let it be, it would calm me immensely. A garden would also give me a productive and kind of meditative way to spend my time too. And at the end of the season, I have fresh veggies to share and use. Yeah, I want a garden.

The next thing I want is a pet. I have said this a billion times but I have the pet category narrowed down to three contenders, maybe four.

If I were to get a dog, the forerunner by far and away would be a Welsh Corgi. They are smart little buggers, not known for excessive barking, and they enjoy people. Other upsides include their huge ears, the fact that corgi is Welsh for "dwarf dog", and the fact that since they have shorter hair, they wouldn't shed as much. If I got a Corgi, his name would be either Ein or Colonel Mustard. You get bonus points if you know why I would name him Ein. I would probably try to get a Cardigan Corgi because they tend to be healthier than Pembrokes.

The next contender in the dog bracket would most likely be a Jack Russell Terrier. I like their looks and they are also supposed to have excellent personalities but I dislike their barking. If I were to not get a Jack Russell that would probably be the main reason. If I had a Jack Russell, possible names include, Sprout, Colonel Mustard, Duffel, and Fraggle.

Now on to the cats!

There are only two cats that I would particularly want. The first is a Persian. I love Persian cats, they look very noble and evil. I get the sense that while I would be asleep or away, they would be plotting my demise and then when I came home, they would act all happy to see me. I think that is why I like them, they look moderately evil. I would like a gray to black Persian and his name would be Mr. Muffins. There is no other name my Persian could possibly have, it's a perfectly harmless name for a most sinister being. For the longest time, a Persian was the only contender in the cat arena and then I stumbled upon another breed that I fell in love with after one picture...

Gaze upon the face of your doom!!!

This is a Devon Rex. Other aliases this cat goes by are "Pixie Cat" and "Alien Cat". I freakin' love this cat for a number of reasons. First, he also looks like he is plotting to kill me and then everyone I love. Second, he has HUGE ears. Third and this one is a biggie, they are some of the most intelligent and dog-like of cats. They can be trained to do dog tricks and they love to play. These are people cats. The Wiki also mentions that they like to sit around the head and neck area of the person they own but I am pretty sure they are just trying to see if they can suffocate you while you sleep. I could also train this cat to attack things and it would do so upon hearing commands that I would issue in Japanese. They are pretty short haired cats but I would get the longer haired ones of the breed. They do not shed as much as other cats either and this is a good thing. Actually, this cat has a lot going for it and I think I am actually starting to prefer it over a Persian. There is only one downside to this breed and that is the cost and the availability. They are pretty rare cats and they run around the $700 range. But if I could get one, I am pretty sure I would get my money's worth out off it. There are only two names for this cat, Mr. Muffins for the same reasons as stated above OR Sniffles the Caring and Affectionate Rex; I could call him Scar for short and that is what his minions would also revere him as. I suppose I could also just call him, Sniffles too.

Anywho, that is a brief roundup of a couple of my coming back goals and in truth, life goals. I am sure I will come up with more but for now, that is a good start. Actually, I already have other, more important ones but I really didn't feel like writing about them tonight.


At 11:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cowboy Bebop FTW! :D What do I win?

At 7:54 AM, Anonymous Steph said...


Corgi's have an undercoat. Welcome to the world of fur. Fur in the bed, fur in the fridge, fur in the sandwich you packed for lunch.

You're kind of scaring me with your choice of dogs btw - can't go by looks. I picture you more with a spaniel. Somebody who's ok for a walk but just as good to snuggle up with for hours of video games/movies.

Gotta love the cats though. Let me know when you tell him what his name is. It'll give us a good three days to get your funeral arrangements done. :)

At 11:42 AM, Blogger Mogwai said...

Cody - You win a free pass when my future cat starts his plan of world domination rolling. And you get taste points for watching Cowboy Bebop.

Steph - I think a Corgi would snuggle as well and they are very cute. But after writing this, I am pretty much set on a Devon Rex. The more I read about them and the more I look at that picture, I am just thinking that he is the cat for me. What is funny is almost every site that talks about that cat uses that same picture. I am not sure how hard it will be to find one but I think I would be willing to pay the hefty price for it if one could be located. They aren't your normal cat and I like that.

At 7:49 PM, Blogger Karie said...

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At 7:51 PM, Blogger Karie said...

Damn...if you change your mind about the pet I'll have to kill off Mr.Muffin's in Sims, and build you a new one. lol! A word of advice - choose your terrier carefully...they're little devils in a ball of cuteness!


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