Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Eerie Quiet

It is crazy how quiet my apartment is when I am here alone! This happens every time when I have guests for extended periods and they leave. Since there is no one else moving around or talking, I can hear stuff creaking and all of the noises going on from out side of the building. It is like I have bat ears or something.

The other funny part about people being here and then leaving is the random stuff I find in places where they are not normally found. Nothing gets lost or anything like that, it is just when I move about the apartment, I notice little things that are off kilter or moved slightly and I pause and try to remember when I touched that item or bumped something and when I draw a blank, it takes me a moment to realize that my guests may have touched or moved that item. It is kind of like the movie, Misery, when the crazy gal figures out that the guy she is holding hostage has been moving about the house because one of her little porcelain penguins was moved thirty degrees in the wrong direction.

Anywho, I am sure things will get back to normal in a day or two. Another upside to Ben's visit was the fact that while he was here, we went to sleep earlier and got up earlier than I am used to when in my normal routine. I have enjoyed getting an early start these past few days so I think I am going to try to maintain the sleep pattern that Ben bumped me into and see how that goes. It is kind of nice to feel tired at 1am. :)

Also, I figured I would post one of the pics I took while Ben and I were in Tokyo. This is the Tokyo Tower, an iconic Tokyo landmark.


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