Friday, July 06, 2007

Weekly Happenings

Nothing super special has been going on this week but I have started some things that could turn into something if things go well.

First, I have applied for a new job. If I were hired, I would be moving to Tokyo to teach World History at an international high school. The school is for Japanese kids who will be moving to a Western country and having all of the lessons in English is a way to prepare them for the experience. The downside to this job is that I would have to move to Tokyo. This is also an upside but to me, moving is one of the single biggest pain-in-the-ass things you can do and I loathe it. The big upside is that I would be teaching history and possibly English but it would be in the same way that I would do it in the United States and that would be good. I know forty-four other people have applied for the position but I think I have pretty good odds of at least getting a call due to the fact that my degree is in both, education and history. I submitted my resume day before yesterday and haven't heard anything, but here's to hoping.

This weekend I am going to be going to Osaka. Well, let me rephrase that. This weekend I will be going to Osaka if a girl that I am trying to get a date with is not busy. Yeah, that is more like it. Anywho, Aki is in Osaka at the moment and seemed open to the idea of me coming down and hanging out with her for the day so we will see.

Work is's work. Nothing horrible and nothing great has happened lately. I have finally gotten to the point where I can put myself on auto-pilot and pretty much zone out through most of my lessons. I hate to do this but when I don't, the kids drive me up a wall. I simply don't have the patience anymore to teach kids who for the most part, are unwilling to learn. When I don't tune out, I feel like I am wasting my time with 98% of them. At least this way, I can do my job and it doesn't ruin my mood for the rest of the day. This is part of the reason I applied for the new job, I know I shouldn't be working for Peppy anymore but do because it gives me money and money is good. As a teacher, I am burnt out with the company, the subject, and the kids.

I watched Fast And Furious: Tokyo Drift a couple of days ago. I was glad to see that they actually went to Tokyo to film it. It was kind of fun to watch the show and be all, "Hey, I have been there!" I would love to know where they found all of the hot Japanese schoolgirls to be in one place at the same time but alas, I am sure that is movie magic and not real life. Overall, it was a good movie though.

In other news, when I promised my kids goodies from America, my good intentions ended up screwing me. Too many kids + not enough presents = angry kids. I need to find a way to remedy this but I am not sure how. Either way, for the immediate future, I am going to be dealing with rightfully disappointed children.

Oh oh, one more thing. I've started writing for a video game site called, Videolamer. Here is the link to the site. If you check up on it every now and then, you might see something by me on there. I have been reading the page for a while and so I am excited to be able to be part of the staff.

Anywho, I am going to end this post but will keep everyone updated as to my job and relationship status. Later.


At 1:36 PM, Blogger Linguist Jake said...

Welcome to the land of internet writers. :)

For anyone reading this, we went to a candy store and got things for Tyson. If you have anything you need to send to Tyson, write me an email at linguistjake at

And Tyson, if you need us to get you more candy, we can. Then your kids won't be disappointed.

At 9:35 PM, Blogger Mogwai said...

I am actually going to make a Costco run tomorrow and get a case of something from there. I should be okay as far as the munchkins are concerned.

What did you get from the candy store? You don't have to send me stuff but if you insist...



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