Monday, July 30, 2007

Speak Cheerfully

Those are my orders for tomorrow's appearance in a Kindergarten class. Maya, the girl I do private lessons with, my Japanese teacher, and the vile temptress that is up and getting married on me and not to me, convinced me that I need to visit a local kindergarten class her friend teaches.

Evidently, my deep voice, my size, and my volume levels scare kids so I must speak higher and softer than usual. To be kind of a dick, I spoke in my helium voice for a little while and she got a kick out of it. Tomorrow, I am supposed to use my real voice, just higher and softer. Yeah. I am not kidding, we had a discussion about this.

Anywho, it is kind of fun to think that I get to be a special person brought in to talk to and teach the kids for the morning. I used to love guest speakers in school and now I am God....err....a guest speaker. Either way, I am happy.

Maya and her friend are both staying in the room to make sure I don't eat the children and to aid the wee ones that are overcome with awe and bewilderment when confronted with the sheer awesomeness that is me. I await their tears of gratitude and will not be satisfied until two munchkins weep openly in my presence.

I will update after the class to give you a tally of how many truly greatful(terrified) children I encountered and hopefully inspired to be more like myself.


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