Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bring On Summer School

In my company's bid to rake in more money...err...educate the children, the whole Summer School thing has kicked into full swing. I just got back from another pointless meeting to practice my Summer School stuff and am sick of the material before I have even had a chance to teach it. So that was my day today, attending a meeting and then coming back home. At least I can take heart in knowing that I definitely was on par with the Japanese teacher demos but studied about 98% less than they did.

Not much happening in other news. Oh wait, one new thing to report. I am climbing Mt. Fuji on August 14th. I am going with a girl I work with and her dad. They are going to be meeting me there. The first day should be easy and then were are in a hut for the night. The climb the following morning isn't a huge one but it should be fun and I am sure it will make me sore for the following day's Obon festivities. That is pretty much my August event calendar at a glance.

September will rock because Ben is coming. I am really looking forward to his visit and I am 98% sure I got all of my time off that I asked for.

I have been writing more for Videolamer and that has bit into writing on here a bit. Everyone on that site seems pretty cool and I am enjoying talking about games again with people my age. I have also added a link to that site in the above links section on the right of the page if you feel the need to wander over and take a look. Be prepared for some pretty jaded gamers if you do.

I still haven't heard from that high school in Tokyo so with each day that goes by, my hopes of teaching history in Japan are dwindling. I am not horribly upset by this solely due to the fact that I am pretty much ready to head back to the United States, at least for a while. Why, I do not know, but I can almost feel my youth draining slowly from my body and I am only twenty-seven. I hate feeling old and I am not sure why I do but my age and lack of a concrete career or meaningful relationship with the opposite sex is definitely contributing to it, if not the sole reasons for it. I wish I felt like I was nineteen again sometimes, minus the drinking. I just don't want to feel old and discontented anymore.

Other than the feeling aged bit, life has been pretty good. Aki wasn't able to hang out in Osaka the other day but I have communicated with her and am still confident that she definitely wants to go out some night when she gets done with her training. Here's to hoping but at this point, unless she shows huge promise, it won't turn into much because I am now in the mindset of going back to the States and in all honesty, would do so before Christmas if I were able. I am very torn because I love Japan and the people here but I don't have a future with my company and I don't have a relationship to keep me here so I don't really have much of a reason to stay. I wish that were different because it will be very hard for me to leave here.

Anywho, I am going to call this post finished because I am hungry and want to find something to eat. See ya! (^_^)


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