Tuesday, June 05, 2007

One Week

That is how long I have until I am sitting on a plane, heading back to the States. I am getting excited and think it will be a pretty fun time. If you want anything from Japan, speak now or get no goodies. I have already heard what some people want but from those of you I haven't if you want a little something something from Japan-land let me know and I will bring it with me.

In other news, I heard back from Shure about my earbuds. They said that as long as I had my receipt they would replace them for free. When I head back to the US, I will need to look for that receipt, I think I kept it but I have no clue where it would have ended up. Either way, I was happy with their response and they put me in contact with their Japanese distributor in Tokyo and he already emailed me as well. There is hope I will have my little buddies back soon. As for the trip, I think I found some earbuds to borrow for the flight so that should get me by until I can send mine in.

Last night and today was kind of fun. Today, my group had a big meeting in Himeji so last night, everyone came into the city early and partied. It was good to hang out with all of my work buddies, I don't get to see much of them and I do like most of them. We went to a beer garden and had all you can eat and drink and then we headed out for some booze fueled karaoke. My boss and I found out we both really like to sing punk tunes when the mood strikes and we rocked the mic with "Linoleum" from NOFX. We rocked so hard, we ended up doing the song one more time as an encore for the rest of our co-workers who had no clue either of us liked punk and we stunned by the shear rockage that my boss and I put out. My co-workers also found out that 50 Cent and I get along alright too; it was all good fun until we left around 3am and had to split a $400.00 bill. After that, I went to another teacher's apartment and crashed there for a few hours before we got up to hit the meeting.

The meeting was entertaining because my boss was so hungover he was barely functional. I actually started the meeting and distributed materials and talked about some stuff that was supposed to be his to do but he was a bit late in getting there and none of us wanted the whole thing to go any longer than it had to so I figured if we started on time, we would end on time and the plan worked. Fun moment of the day came when we realized that our boss was asleep in a very strange position against the wall of the classroom we were in. After his nap, he was much better and more coherent so that was good. It's good to know that my company pays him to be a role-model and inspiration to us all.

There have been a few other odds and ends going on too but nothing blogworthy just yet. Other than that, I am just trying to focus on getting through one of my tougher weeks out of the month and then get on a plane to come and visit everyone. I am looking forward to it all.


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