Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Fun WIth Airports Part Deux

Right now I am in Canada, hence my French. I started today's journey with a 3:50am wake up call. After a quick shower, I gathered my things and headed to the airport shuttle that arrived at 4:20am. After a minor delay due to some computer glitch on the plane, we took off and had a smooth flight to Vancouver, where I am chilling now.

My flight doesn't leave until 1pm so I am basically killing time in the airport terminal, stealing wireless. Once I board this next flight, I am going into hardcore relaxation mode and hopefully there will be some good movies to watch. I am happy because there was some concern among the United Airlines staff that my baggage may have been held up but upon reaching Canada, I found that my baggage made the flight with me and I will have everything when I land in Osaka. Had it not made my flight, I would have had to get it sent to my house because it would not have been able to come to Japan until tomorrow.

In other news, yesterday turned out very well. Several minutes after making my last post, Ben knocked on my hotel room door and we took off for an abbreviated tour of San Francisco. We stopped at In-An-Out Burger and went all animal style on a couple of tasty cheeseburgers. Afterward, we headed down to the Pier area and walked around there for several hours. For dinner we ate some pizza (my first in 1.5 years) and then Ben brought me back to the hotel. It was cool to see him and it worked out really well because he was looking for an excuse to escape work and I was just the random event he needed. Next time I will see Ben will be in September when he comes to my neck of the woods to visit. That will be fun!

Anywho, I need to get something to eat before my flight so I should take off. Finally, it looks like I will be able to make it home today!


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