Thursday, May 24, 2007

Warning: I Am Moderately Buzzed

I finished teaching tonight, got back into Fukuchiyama, and just wanted to relax. I went back to my place and played some video games but that didn't do the trick so I went to my nearest ramen shop and ate dinner and had a beer. One mug of beer turned into three and then I had another can when I came back home after an hour and a half of watching them cook in the ramen shop. I learned something new tonight, I feel more relaxed just by watching people cook. I knew that cooking relaxed me but who knew that cooking was also a relaxing spectator sport? The manager of the store has also always been very nice to me and I wish I could speak more to him. He always acts like he wants to talk to me but I think he is afraid to because he doesn't know how much Japanese I understand.

I also have a new target, her name is Aki and she works at the train station. Whenever we are both there, we always talk to each other and she goes out of her way to say hello to me whenever she sees me. I decided the other day that I was going to see if she wanted to go out for lunch or dinner sometime but since I have decided that, she hasn't been around the train station very often. It's kind of annoying. I saw her today but before I could really talk to her, another customer approached her and she had to help her. That is okay because I started the conversation off with, "I am so sweaty", it could have only gone downhill from there. Did I mention that Aki looks very cute in her little train uniform? All of the JR Train employees have to wear these uniforms and I have to say, I dig the women in uniform, cute little skirts and these cute little hats....anywho I like the uniforms and Aki looks nice in hers. Another upside to Aki is that she speaks very good English. She started learning five years ago because she liked English scones and decided she needed to know how to bake them, thus began her journey into the world of speaking English. As a sidenote: English scones and American "Merrit's or fair scones" are totally different. Our scones are fluffy and tasty yummy with honey and sugar, British scones are like hard lumps of dough that never rose but still got baked anyway.

The difference between American women and Japanese women is that when American women are nice to you, you know that you at least might have a shot but when Japanese women are nice to you, you are never sure whether it's because they like you or they are just being Japanese. I will be the first to tell you I am not good at reading women but man, Japanese women make it really really hard to figure out what they are thinking. If American women don't like you, they tell you to go to hell. If Japanese women don't like you, they talk to you with a smile and a laugh and then when you leave they exhale a great sigh of relief.

I am not sure why but I really enjoy listening to music while I drink and am a tad drunk. I must have some audio inhabition when I am sober and a little bit of suckling from Satan's teet makes it go away. I have very eclectic musical tastes, I have listened to some clubby electronic stuff, some punk, and now Smashing Pumpkins tonight. It is also scary how many bands and songs I remember, the more I think about it, the more I think I am like the main character from the book and movie, "High Fidelity". I think I would enjoy owning a music shop. But then again, I think I would also enjoy running a restaraunt, being an archivist and appraiser, and a teacher. Whatever. I have lots of interests.

On another note, I really want a new tattoo. I am pretty certain I know what I want but I am not so certain I want to pay $500.00 to get it done. Why do tats here have to cost so much more than in the U.S? Part of me wants to get the tat done on my visit back to the States but how authentic is a Japanese style tat that is done in the United States, especially when I know that the guy that will do it is an Idahoan cracker drunk that has been arrested twice for DUIs? But he IS a really good ink guy and I like the two others that I have from him...hmm.

And now for something totally different:

I think this may be my most favorite pic I have ever taken. I took it while I was in Hiroshima with Jim. This little kid was in the parade with her family but every couple of minutes, she would take off running out in front of everyone until her mom would call her back. After which, she would walk with her family for a minute or so and then run off again. She was very happy and was having so much fun, I took this pic from about a block away when she was doing another one of her jaunts in front of the parade.

Okay, I think I am done spilling my brainflow for the moment. Maybe I will go to sleep now. Night Night!


At 10:21 PM, Anonymous WaxLyricalSan said...

I miss Suntory Time :(

At 10:36 PM, Blogger Mogwai said...

Did you get my email?

At 8:31 AM, Anonymous waxlyricalsan said...

Sure did Mogwai. Write me back beatch.


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