Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mogwai and Jim's Excellent Adventure: Day Two

Upon waking up from a surprisingly good night's sleep in my little pod, Jim and I set out to Kyoto. I was especially chipper for some reason, I think I liked sleeping in the enclosed space or something, either way, I was kind of hyper despite the earlyish hour.

We made it from Osaka to Kyoto in good time and from the station we set off to Kiyomizu Dera. Kiyomizu Dera is a very cool temple that was built in 798. It has also been nominated to be one of the new seven wonders of the world. This is where our day started to get interesting.

There was a woman that was not Japanese and she was having a hard time figuring out what the bus person was telling her so being the helpful guy I am, I chipped in and sorted out the situation. We got on the same bus as her and talked a little on the trip from Kyoto station to the area around Kiyomizu Dera. During our brief exchange, we learned that she was from Spain and was just wandering through Kyoto without a guide and didn't really know exactly where she was headed. I told her it would be fine with us if she tagged along with Jim and I, since I knew where I was going and could speak enough Japanese to get along pretty well. She was happy for the invite and agreed to walk around with us.

After leaving Kiyomizu Dera, we were wandering the streets and looking in some shops when she ran into a guy and his friend that she had meant the previous night in the hostel she was staying at. We talked with them for a couple of minutes and the next thing I know, two more people had joined the Tyson Tour Train.

I led my little group of wandering whiteys to shrine after shrine and I think everyone had a good time. At the shrine for people who have died from Fugu poisoning (yup, there is a shrine for them) we encountered another Australian guy who stood on the sidelines of my group for a couple of minutes as I explained some stuff and then he asked if he could join up with us. The final member of the tour train had been added, bringing the grand total of my flock to five people plus me.

That is pretty much how the day went, I talked and showed people things and they listened. Everyonce and a while, someone from the group would ask a question and I would answer to the best of my abilities. It was really cool to hook up with other travellers because they were for the most part, really cool people and they enhanced Jim and I's trip. Jim and I spent the better part of the day with all of them before breaking off and heading back home, it had been a very good day with a very positive vibe. I am not usually one to comment on the vibes of certain things but I have to say, that day was a very "up" day.


At 6:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi!! Hola!! ok, so this is the Spanish woman you met, hahaa!!We did have a good day, didn´t we?Tyson, you should have got your salary as a tour-guide!It was cool the way we all shared our stories, the way we kept waiting for Paul... you guys almost drove me crazy with so many different English accents, haha!We should run a travel agency, haha!! Thanks for the post Tyson, and I´m looking forward to sharing all the pics!Take care! Mariola.


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