Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Flickr, How I Love Thee

I swear, the few bucks I paid to join Flickr has to be some of the best money I have spent. I belong to a couple of different groups and am able to get tips from people and look at some very nice photographs. My new obsession has been to enter my photos into little contests within one of my groups and I just realized how into them I get and how I actually put thought and effort into selecting what photos get entered into the contests. Its not like I win anything even if my photos get chosen, its just nice to know that some people like my pictures. That and the contests are one more way for me to satisfy my competitive yearning.

In other news, if I were to look down at my arm right now, I would be able to tell you what kind of dental correction a kid in my class needs. I can see a perfect mold of the first six teeth on the top of his mouth and the first six on the bottom. What a sweet child for giving me such pleasant reminders of his love; he will need braces for sure on his lower teeth and I hope they rust in his mouth and the corrosion infects his gums. At least I know the pressure points in his shoulder blades are functioning correctly; he bit into my arm and I pressed into his shoulder. Neither of us were horribly happy with each other after that. I wouldn't have had to use pressure points had he not tried to bite me three times before that one or had he listened to me when I told him not to bite after each of those attempts. Of all of the crap kids do, biting and spitting are the two I don't cope well with. Sensei Tyson has a long fuse until you do one of those two things and then he morphs into Old Testament Sensei Tyson.

On a positive note, my youngest kids are doing really well and none of them weep in the presence my greatness anymore. They know almost all of the colors and most of the shapes up to some of the more complex ones like "sphere", "cube" and "pyramid". What good and smart little munchkins they are turning into, I just wish all of my kids were like them.


At 10:23 AM, Anonymous Steph said...

I think you need to add one of those cell phone tasers to your list of things to buy while in the States.
Seriously though, what the hell is up with how violent your kids are? Do they kick, punch and bite their parents or do you just come across as an easy target?


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