Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Upcoming Events

This week may be kind of dead but starting this weekend, I am going to be having quite a bit of fun.

On Sunday, Terri and I are going to do to Kyoto to see if we can catch the cherry blossoms around the city. It is a couple days early but if the weather is warm there this week, we may get lucky and see the beginning of the blooms. That should be a fun day. We are going to Log Kit for lunch and that means trying to down the biggest hamburger I have seen in Japan. I have told Terri about this phenomonon but she has yet to see it for herself.

The following day, I teach my final private lesson with Maya before she takes off to Italy for six months. After the lesson, in theory, we are going out to dinner so I can meet the person that will be teaching me Japanese from here on out, here's to hoping that person is a single, good looking, non-smoking, female with half a brain and nice teeth. They are rare here but I have high hopes.

On that following Saturday, I may be naughty and call in sick for my busiest day of the month. I have a danged good reason though, I may go to Yashino with some friends and view cherry blossoms there. Supposedly, it is one of the nicer hanami (blossom viewing) locations in Japan. That would also mean I could explore Nara a bit as well. I would also be able to go donw there for free and crash with Nighthawk so it would be very cheap and a very fun experience.

Then April kicks into gear and not a lot happens for a couple of weeks until my buddy, Jim comes at the end of the month. I am very stoked to see Jim again, out of everyone I left in the States there are only a handful of people I still keep in contact with and Jim is one of them. Just typing this gets me very anxious for his arrival. I have played tour guide for my family when they came here but I have never had a chance to do it for any of my friends. I am interested to see what they think of my little world. Having Jim come will also give me an idea of how much money I will be spending when Ben comes in September. I have a rough estimate but I want to see if it holds up. Either way I am happy that Jim is coming to visit and then Ben. It will be a blast!

After the Jim visit, stuff gets quiet again for a month and then I am on a plane back to the US for my brother's wedding. After returning from that, stuff is quiet for a few weeks and then I am going to climb Mt. Fuji on a three day weekend I have in June. Then September rolls around and Ben is here. After that, I have the holidays to myself and then in theory I will be leaving Japan sometime in either February or March of 2008. Before going back to the US, if Ben and Mon still want me to terrorize them, I will make a pitstop in Australia for a week or two and hang out with them and see the sights there. It will be odd to go from a cloudy place surrounded by cold water to a sunny place with warm water.

Okay, wow, I just planned out the entire year. Well, I guess that works. At least I know I will be having fun in the year to come. Stuff can also change in between now and then too so who knows, but as it stands, that is my rough draft of the year. I am excited, lots of fun things coming up.


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ok, reid's an idiot. (reid wrote this and the comment too).

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