Monday, February 19, 2007

Fun With Private Lessons

Today, I had my private lessons and they were pretty fun. I have two boys who are obsessed with all things Pokemon and sometimes don't pay attention to my lessons because of Pokemon. So I decided to incorporate Pokemon into my lesson today and centered the whole lesson around the game.

I basically turned the Pokemon video game into a pen and paper one and it worked great. I printed out some sheets, each with a Pokemon, one or two unique powers, and a fixed number of life points. I then had the two boys compete in a series of English tests; each time I awarded the winner with a special power he could equip his two Pokemon with. At the end of class we had a battle between the two students' Pokemon and the winner got some licorice rope as a prize. Licorice is not a staple candy here and no one had ever tried it so I thought it a good prize. Anywho, the boys had a blast all class and actually paid attention to me. My class of younger kids also went much better than usual for some reason. All in all it was a good night.

Lately, while not being overly thrilled with the way Peppy runs things, I have been enjoying teaching more. I have been inventing new games for everyone to play and coming up with new stuff to motivate the kids with. I had gotten sick of how I normally teach lessons and needed something new. Also, the more intricate the games are, the longer they take and the faster the class goes. Everyone wins when I start getting all creative and whatnot.

In other news, there isn't a ton to report. Sleeping is still slightly monkey funky, though not as bad as it was for a while. Oh Heather, I had a messed up dream that you and Jake had not gotten married yet and for some reason you guys put me in charge of all of the details for this huge and elaborate wedding and I had to make sure it went off without a hitch. All the while, you had a really good looking bridesmaid that was hitting on me and being quite distracting. It was a very stressful dream but just so you know, the wedding went well. Congrats. :)

Tomorrow, I am meeting Maya in a nearby town and we are eating lunch in this really good Indian restaurant. I have been in the mood for Indian food for a week and since I am off tomorrow, I figured it was a good time to scratch that itch.

Well, I am warming up taco leftovers and they are about done so its dinner time. Later!


At 11:20 PM, Blogger Mrs Whittaker said...

Teaching is like shampoo -- after a while of using the same feels dull and unexciting. Switchin' it up brings back bounce and shine. Way ta go. ;)

Don't worry, Ty, you won't have to fuss about any details with Jake and me. Your brother on the other hand... I hate it when I dream about things I DON'T want to happen. Yuck. Although...we COULD renew our vows 6 months after we took em and 4 months after living 'em IF you really wanted.

Err, on second thought maybe not. Ours was little but it was still really good to have over with. :)

What have you not liked about Peppy?

At 8:36 AM, Blogger Nighthawk at the Diner said...

Tacos, oh sweet tacos...


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