Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Worn Out

This is one of those days where I was not in the mood to teach. I woke up to back pains ...again. I think my back is telling me that its finally had enough of the futon and sleeping on the floor. Thats too bad though, its got another year of it to deal with. If it keeps up like this, I may get a second futon pad to cushion me a bit more. Whatever.

Yesterday, I did not go to my usual school and had to cover for another school. I am all for new little mini-adventures and whatnot but this school was in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately, the kids were well behaved and it was a pretty easy day. Its odd though because whenever my teaching routine gets thrown off, it takes me a day or two to get back into the groove. I think it has to do with the commute times, not sure.

Either way, I did not feel overly commited to the education of Japan's youth and was not looking forward to three hours of train riding. My kids today are also some of my most demanding. Not because they are horribly bad kids but they require me to have more energy than I had today and so I struggled through the lessons and time dragged. The nice part is that the next two days are some of my more mellow kids and I can have fun with them, teach them, and relax at the same time. Downside, nine more hours of riding the same train over the next three days. Upside, three day weekend after that. Kind of...

As it turns out, if you have no plans for your office days, no one calls you to sub for a class and you just do whatever for the day. Technically, there are things I am supposed to do but the upside to where I live is that no one actually knows what I do and if they were to want to find out they would have to make a day or overnight trip of it. Anywho, the second you actually plan something for your office day the company figures out some way to screw it up. I have such a day on Tuesday and had plans seeing that it was Karie and Reid's last day in Japan before they start the process of heading back to Canada. Since I had to deviate from my normal schedule yesterday the company wants me to make it up on my office day. They are punishing me for being a team player. So, I am calling in sick for the first time since I have been here. I am also making a rule to not answer my phone when a certain number calls and wakes me up from here on out. Damn the man. :)

Anywho, I am off now to do something mindless and relax. Hopefully, I will feel more inspired tomorrow.


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