Saturday, January 20, 2007

Lack of Posts


Sorry that I haven't written much lately. This week I was at my school that pretty much eats my soul due to crazy children and long commutes. By the time I come home, I don't have a ton of ambition left in me for writing or doing anything else for that matter. But now, this week is over and I will have more will power to put toward the latest events that have been going on.

In that department, there hasn't been much to report which is another reason for the lack of posts. I figure its better to not update than to just up a bunch of fluff to waste everyone's time. The upcoming week promises to be more eventful. Reid and Karie are staying here for several days before they abandon me and go back to Canada. It will be odd not to have them here but at least I will still get to talk to them via Google Talk. Its been odd without Ben and Monique too but I am sure I will manage.

On Tuesday, we are going to Himeji Castle so Karie and Reid can see it before they leave. We were going to go when they were here last time but I was a tad too sick to be able to play guide to them. Beh, I haven't been legitimately ill in three years and then my immune system chose New Years to take a vacation. Anywho, that is coming up on Tuesday. Tomorrow is my usual administrative day to tidy up and clean a bit. Since it is my first day coming off of my Toyooka class week that also means that I won't be doing a ton. After Toyooka, it takes me a day to recoop before I get really ambitious again. Not kidding, this week sucked. The highlight was one of my eight year olds coming into class with a green hoody on and then remembering that a cucumber is green thanks to a flash card. He then proceeded to take the next five minutes to chase kids around the class, screaming that he was a killer cucumber in a voice muffled by his hood that was pulled so tight over his head that he looked like an Asian version of Kenny from South Park. All I saw was a blur of green with a small porthole equipped with squinty eyes peering out as he ran.

I am still working on my post for why I am shamed as a man due to the new items I am collecting. That will be up in a day or two, I need to take more pictures first. Until then or until something worth mentioning happens, later!


At 8:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What you need, sir, is a visit from Schizo The Masked Armadillo! All your porblems will blissfully wash away on a sea of tranquility! The kids will thank you for it later. If this doesn't work there is always the Thunderdome.*

*If you are scratching your head please see my recent blog post. :p

At 10:12 PM, Anonymous tony's mom said...

Kenny! Kenny! Keanny! At least he wasn't the brown turd! LOL!


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