Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dealing WIth Vagrants

So Reid and Karie have been here for a couple of days. They are homeless, jobless, and do not have a ton of cash. I have nicknamed them "vagrants" and its kind of been the running joke over the past couple of days. Especially the first day they arrived because Reid had been given several beers for the trainride here as a going away present from one of his private students and had started drinking in the morning hours of the day. I told him that sounded like a typical drunkard you would see roaming the steets and to that we all laughed. little vagrants.

Anywho, we went to Himeji Castle day before yesterday and I came home to a lasagna dinner last night after classes. Its been fun having them here but I am kind of sad that they have to leave for good to go back to Canada tomorrow. Fortunately, we all have Google Talk and will still be able to keep in touch. Speaking of which, Ben and Monique, do you two have a computer yet so we can start talking again?

After Karie and Reid leave, I will be one of the last people from our training group still here and will have pretty much run out of friends to visit on the holidays and whatnot. I feel kind of lonely thinking about it but it was fun while it lasted and they will enjoy themselves once they get back to Canada.

Today, I have a team teach with my boss. The only real reason he is coming is because he hasn't seen the school that I am at tonight and wanted to check it out before he left. He has seen every school in the area but this one. It will be nice to see him since I haven't for several months now. Its odd to have a job in which "face time with the boss" means texting him once or twice a day and seeing him every couple of weeks.

I figured I would also let you guys in on a really good movie I have found here called, "Train Man". Its a true story about a guy who accidently meets a woman on a train after fending off a drunk that was harrassing her. He is an extreme nerd and goes to a chat room to seek advice in how to deal with this new person in his life. Its very fun and its very Japanese. Its kind of like a Japanese version of, "Amelie", a feel good comedy/romance movie. I am actually reading the book the film is based on and its also very good. It is basically a direct translation of all of the messages in this chat room with a little narration here and there. Its a very unique read.

Anywho, just thought I would check in before I started being productive for the day. Later!


At 10:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Run out of friends to visit? Psshaw! Two Canadian filter out, one filters in. You will have a constant influx of Canucks in your life. :p

At 11:41 PM, Anonymous Mork and Mindy said...

Legend! How are you mate? Nihongo life treating you well? Its hot as a mofo here so there's been lots of drinking in the sun. Went for a job interview today, back into the cinema biz again, so long sensei duties. Anyhooz, we're buying a new desk top in a few weeks so we can chat then. Rock on hard pooh.
From Ben

G'day G'day!!
How you going up there? To be honest, i've been so occupied with life back in oz that i havent found the time to check out your blog in a long while, but ben is quite a mogwai mind fan!!
Hope you enjoyed your christmas and new year!
Mon :)


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