Sunday, December 31, 2006


Well, for those of us that live in the future, it's here, 2007!

How did I ring in the new year? I got off a train at 11:59pm and a few seconds later it was 12am. That was that. Karie and Reid and I went to the end of the train platform to try to see the fireworks and were met by several train conductors also struggling to get a glimpse through the fog. We wished them a happy new year as they did the same and then one of them laughingly told us you couldn't see the fireworks at all. So we stood there for a bit with the conductors and watched the fog-filled horizon light up every now and then in fits of red, green, and yellow. With each explosion, one of the conductors giggled, "ahh, a red one" or "ohh, that one was green". Below us in the taxi bay, a group of cab drivers huddled together and wished each other a prosperous new year followed by several rounds of bowing and laughing. From the other side of the station the temple bells began their first of 109 soundings, with each clang, a new sin purged from the world.

I stood there on that platform, bearing witness to one of the most ordinary New Year's celebrations I have ever encountered, one element held true. People were with their friends and I was with mine. I was very contented.


At 9:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In 10 minutes I'll have you beat. New Year's watching Dick Clark in my parent's basement. :p

Happy New Year, dude,



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