Friday, December 01, 2006

Stupid Flat Tires

The title says it all, I am sick of coming out to my bike and finding that a tire is flat. This past month I have had two or three flats and I am sick of them. I think next time when I take it in to get repaired I am going to see about buying some of that armor that you can put on the inside of the tire itself and maybe some tire goo. As dumb as it sounds, it really throws off my day when my bike has a flat. It puts me in a bad mood and it adds another 20mins. on to my commute to the train station. As far as going to other places when I have a flat, forget it. Most of them are a little further than I like walking, especially when I can see my breath in the air.

In other news, I had a good series of classes tonight and for one reason or another, all of them went unusually smooth and fast. Not sure why but I am not going to argue it. Tomorrow, the Nintendo Wii debuts in stores all over Japan. This means that the Nintendo DS may be de-throned as ruler of the title of "highest selling console in Japan" on a weekly basis. It also means that I will be surrounded by all sorts of accessories that people in the States may never see.

As for me, I am hoping Santa ships me a Wii from the United States. As tempted as I will be to buy a Japanese one, it would just be too much of a pain to own. Before the Wii came out, Nintendo at one point said the system would be region free and games from any country would be able to play on any other country's system. Now, it seems Nintendo went the exact opposite direction. The Wii is region locked for all games, the Japanese Wiis will only allow for the Japanese language on them, the Japanese Wiis will only be allowed on the Japanese Wii network and the American Wiis are segregated as well. Eventually, I will be able to get the Wii to play games from all regions but I would rather be able to do that in English rather than Japanese. Nintendo has made me happy lately but all of this region locking crap has pissed me off.

Anywho, now I am settling down for the evening to watch an episode of the Office and eat some noodles. I am glad tomorrow is my Friday and my Christmas break is only two more weeks away.


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